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Pets are small creatures that can accompany you on your adventures.

Unlocking pets can be quite a task, as some of the pets require numerous monster kills or large sums of money before you can obtain them.

List of pets

Below is a list of all the pets available in the game.

Name How to obtain Gold price
Pet bat sm.gif Bat pet From a Bat egg, rarely dropped by Bats 5,000
Pet slime sm.gif Slime pet From 10 Slimes, uncommonly dropped by Slimes 10,000
Pet forest bat sm.gif Forest bat pet From a Forest bat egg, rarely dropped by Forest bats 25,000
Pet snow bat sm.gif Snow bat pet From a Snow bat wing, very rarely dropped by Snow bats 25,000
Pet ice slime sm.gif Ice slime pet From 10 Ice chunks, uncommonly dropped by Ice slimes 25,000
Pet snowman sm.gif Snowman pet From 10 Snowballs, uncommonly dropped by Snowmen, and one Carrot, rarely dropped by Snowmen None