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Snowverlord m.gif
Melee XP1500
Gold1500 gold
Attack speed1 Second(s) second(s)
Respawn time30 Second(s) second(s)
FoundInside Giant Christmas Tree in Brightleaf

Snowverlord is a holiday boss that appeared in CoA's second Christmas event. It is known to drop items worthy of christmas spirit. It also can drop an amazing pet called the Reindeer! This monster was released on December 22, 2019.

A player fights Snowverlord, the result of too much snow falling during the Christmas season.
                                     The Spirit of Christmas
        Snowverlord has a 1/20 chance when killed to start a 50% Exp bonus for all players on that server and awaken the spirit of christmas. The Exp bonus is only applied to monster kill exp and not added to skill exp or task reward exp. This Exp bonus lasts for 30 minutes after it starts, in which the spirit of christmas fades. This is great for low levels just starting out and higher level players trying to gain levels which are far and few between.
                                     Reasons to fight Snowverlord
         Snowverlord has a great variety of items for low to mid level characters that could pose useful in the future of ones account. It drops many pickaxes which can help with Mining, a Cobalt Sword which can be used at level 60 and a Hammer to help with Smithing. It can also drop Coal which is not good to get on christmas but can be used to create many different metal Bars. There is a drop of Prison Keys as well that can be used to enter the Ancient Prison which gives you access to higher level Monsters level 75+, and a boss named the Ice Demon!
         Due to this monsters high amount of health and benefits to the whole server, it should be killed with a large group of people. Fighting this boss with a group of people might pose as a fun activity and can help people get exclusive event items faster. It will also result in the spirit of christmas to awakening more often. Overall this is a great boss to hunt during the holiday's and should be farmed before it goes away at the end of winter.


It gives a guaranteed drop to anyone that does enough damage to it (where it shows up in the /kc log)


Item Quantity Rarity
Potion m.png Potion1-5Common
Health Flask m.png Health Flask1-3Common
Flask of Life m.png Flask of Life1Uncommon


Item Quantity Rarity
Scroll of Accuracy m.png Scroll of Accuracy1-2Uncommon


Item Quantity Rarity
Prison Key m.png Prison Key1-4Uncommon
Candy m.png Candy1-2Rare
Lollipop m.png Lollipop1Very rare
Candy Cane m.png Candy Cane1Very rare


Item Quantity Rarity
Coal m.png Coal1Uncommon


Item Quantity Rarity
Bronze Pickaxe m.png Bronze Pickaxe1Common
Iron Pickaxe m.png Iron Pickaxe1Common
Steel Pickaxe m.png Steel Pickaxe1Common
Hammer m.png Hammer1Common
Rusty Steel Sword m.png Rusty Steel Sword1Common
Sharper Steel Sword m.png Sharper Steel Sword1Uncommon
Crimsteel Pickaxe m.png Crimsteel Pickaxe1Uncommon
Cobalt Sword m.png Cobalt Sword1Rare

Event Exclusive Item(s)

Item Quantity Rarity
Santa Hat m.png Santa Hat1Rare
Jingle Top m.png Jingle Top1Rare
Jingle Pants m.png Jingle Pants1Rare


Item Quantity Rarity
Reindeer Pet m.png Reindeer Pet1Very rare