Coal Ore

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Coal Ore
Coal m.png
"A chunk of rock with coal veins"
ObtainedMining a coal rock
merchant price120

Coal Ore is required when Smelting a variety of items. You gain 115XP everytime you get an ore.

Smithing Level Metal Ores required
10 Refined Sand m.png Refined Sand 4xSandstone m.png Sandstone 2xCoal m.png Coal
20 Glass m.png Glass 2xRefined Sand m.png Refined Sand 2xCoal m.png Coal
20 Steel Bar m.png Steel Bar 2xIron Ore m.png Iron Ore 1xCoal m.png Coal
30 Crimsteel Bar m.png Crimsteel Bar 2xCrimsteel Ore m.png Crimsteel Ore 2xCoal m.png Coal
45 Soul Jar m.png Soul Jar 2xGlass m.png Glass 2xCoal m.png Coal 7xMagnetite m.png Magnetite
50 Mythan Bar m.png Mythan Bar 10xMythan Ore m.png Mythan Ore 5xCoal m.png Coal
60 Cobalt Bar m.png Cobalt Bar 8xCobalt Ore m.png Cobalt Ore 5xCoal m.png Coal