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12 July 2022: 2022 Summer Event

Sunshine, beaches, ice-cream and peaches. For most of us, summer has already been going on for a while, but for Curse of Aros it has just begun. Team battles, balloons, contests and shard sales is forcasted for the coming two weeks. Oh yeah, did we mention you can swim on the Summer island? Hop in and have fun, make sure no one throws you in!

Two new bosses With two new bosses coming this update, you can really grind for that sweet loot. The Kraken has all new mechanics, and one hell of an animation. The Beach Ball is busting some old, but effective moves!We've added a system where you get the next item in line if you're rolled one you've gotten before. No duplicates!And don't worry about dying to the bosses, the Summer Gods have blessed your exp. Speaking of exp, did we mention the return of the Event Spirit? For those who don't know, the Event Spirit gives everyone a chance at +50% xp world bonus every time a Beach Ball or Kraken is taken down. Both bosses have pets and cosmetic drops that can be obtained via drops or through the cosmetic shop.

Minigames During the event we'll also be running minigames throughout the weekends. Both weekends have entirely different minigames, so stay tuned for Friday's announcement on more details. A discord invite will be sent out for both weekends for when the minigames will go live.

Brand-new Limited Time cosmetics We loved the feedback from the easter event, and we heard you loud and clear. MORE COSMETICS. Our wonderful artists have yet again exceeded expectations, and we have a very exciting summer collection that should have something for everyone. The new cosmetics are for sale until Sept 1st, 2022. After which they will be removed from the cosmetic shop.

POP! POP! The balloons are back, which means CoA is celebrating yet another birthday! As tradition goes, we've of course added the Party Hat 4 🥳 . Killing balloons is the only way to get a Party Hat 4 🥳 drop. Make sure to plug your ears before they pop!

15 April 2022

- Quick, we need your help! The Angry Carrot has taken over the easter island and trapped the easter bunny. We need your help taking him down. Please approach carefully, we've had dozens of reports of carrot bombs that instantly kill you if you're caught in their explosion (don't worry, you wont lose xp if u die to a carrot bomb). Although he's angry, Easter always puts The Angry Carrot in a good mood. He has decided to give drops to everyone and chances at double xp for the entire world! Walk through the easter egg at spawn to start your battle!

1 Febuary 2022

Magic has just been added to the game as well as many other things. Read more here

Wishing well 50% xp boosts will NOT work for Magic + Tailoring on initial release (it will still work for other skills). Magic and tailoring are capped at level 60, we did this in case there are any unexpected XP exploits. They will be raised throughout the week.


- As everyone already knew, Magic falls on February 1st, 2022. So without further adue, Magic is finally here! One of the longest waited and hyped Curse of Aros updates have arrived. Magic brings a whole new dimension to combat in Curse of Aros. Use cover and distance to your advantage with the new Mage class. Initially, there are 4 classes of tomes. Fire, Nature, Curse, Ice. Tomes are your ammunition. Every single time you cast a spell, it consumes a tome (more specifics on this later). A mage's strength is keeping their distance and doing a lot of damage from afar. Getting too close is dangerous as you don't have as much defense as warriors. Start using magic by visiting the merchant in Brightleaf and buying yourself a Wand and some Ember tomes. To attack mobs, click on the mob you want to attack and an outline will appear around them. Once the outline is visible, you can hit the attack button to cast a spell. Group mobs together for some awesome AoE combinations and big crits. The enchanted staffs (level 30), are enchanted with Fire, Nature, Curse, and Ice powers. Use the same class tome and staff for a passive buff of +10% accuracy and damage, and 25% chance of not consuming a tome when casting a spell. This is just the start, magic will bring so much change to Curse of Aros and we can't wait to share it with you.

- The Nature Dungeon:

- The latest of our elemental dungeon series has arrived. The Nature Dungeon. This dungeon starts off as a relatively low training area which is Magic Only. Grind mobs until you have enough kills to unlock the path to the puzzle room. Once you enter the puzzle room, you're on your own. You will not see any other players while you're inside of the puzzle room. Solve the puzzle to enter the boss chambers. The boss is a medium level Nature Elder. Don't let his level fool you, he is a VERY tough boss to beat without a good team. Make sure to bring Anti-Poison Serums, Scroll of Magic and lots of heals. You can find the entrance north of Brightleaf where the Xmas and Hween event were.

Tailoring :

 - Tailoring is our newest non-combat skill in CoA. Use the tailoring skill to make tomes and staves for Magic. Tailoring will eventually be one of the biggest skills in CoA, with future uses for Archery, Sailing, Home Building, Guild Halls and more.


- After long discussion we've made the choice to vault Hr-PvP (safe pvp and battlegrounds still available). HR-PvP as it stands in not in an healthy enough state to keep it in the game. It currently remains quite unpopular and is the cause of a lot of problems within the community. We'll work on HR-PvP behind the scenes and re-release it once we think its in a healthier state for everyone to enjoy. 

Skilling Island:

- The Skilling Island is a new piece of content for skillers who really enjoy the grind. To access the Skilling Island you'll need passes;Skilling Passes to be specific. Each pass grants you 60 seconds of access on the island, once your time is up, you'll be kicked off. Initially, skilling passes are obtained through world boosts. Each boost tier will provide you with Skilling Island Passes. Feel free to use them yourself or sell them to other players. The breakdown of how many passes per tier is as follows.
- 20 min boost = 1 hr of Skilling Passes
- 1 hr boost = 1 hr of Skilling Passes
- 2 hr boost = 2 hr of Skilling Passes
- 4 hr boost = 3 hr of Skilling Passes
- 6 hr boost = 4 hr of Skilling Passes

Other new features:

   - XP bar for any skill
   - added Magic trees - level 90 Woodcutting with a chance to drop Magic Essence
   - you can now remove items from action bar by clicking an empty inventory slot in the selection menu
   - teleporters are now unlocked for a one time fee and stay unlocked forever
   - moved desert teleporter closer to town
   - brand new shard, crafting, shop interfaces
   - bank scrolling doesnt reset when closing the interface
   - new client HUD
   - added split mode for action bar in settings
   - added attack button layout settings 
   - increased the size of Brightleaf (still under construction, expect big map changes coming)
   - add "Dismantle" option to existing gear/weapons that would break in pvp
   - added key binds 1-8 for action bar on pc
   - added key binds "m" for map, "t" for chat 
   - the potion bar has been officially removed and replaced with the new quick bar. Tap and hold a quick bar slot to add potions to your quick bar.

Drop changes:

   - Ice Demon, Ice fiends, Ice raptors, Ice spider, now drops Ice relics
   - Mummy, Skeletal snake, Skeletal bat, drop Cursed Relics
   - Skeletal snake, Skeletal bat also drop Relic of Fire
   - Nature mobs drops Relic of Nature

Bug fixes:

   - fixed double smelting bug
   - fixed issue with keyboard opening if u press below the joystick
   - added error messages when payments fail 
   - fixed issue with restore purchases on iOS
   - close keyboard when closing the social panel

6 June 2021

Map of the new area, The Shadow Dungeon!

Jump in the whirlpool, and brace yourself for an adventure, everyone

The Shadow Dungeon Deep beneath Brightleaf lies a dungeon, vast, and dangerous. Legend has it a once-powerful alliance of Nature, Fire, and Water formed together to protect the Cursed Ruler. Through the ages, layers of sand and ash have covered these nations, sealed away from the world.

Discover the first part of the Elemental series: The Shadow Dungeon. It may provide you with protection.

And don't forget to pay a visit to the Prison, for the Flames have been alone for a while now...

On the Horizon: MAGIC Ahead of time, we're making one of the largest fundamental changes to Curse of Aros: the way Skill Points work, and the way your level works. Where you once had "a level", you now have "combat skills" and "a combat level". Remember "your level"? Yeah, that's now your "melee level". And the thing above your head? That's your combat level, the sum of Melee, Magic and Ranged.

This change is in preparation for Magic, Curse of Aros' largest update. Not much changes today, aside from a few extra stat points to spend!

The Wishing Well Toss a shard to your, uh, well.. and bless the entire World with your own hand-crafted event! Sprinkle some love around your homeworld and celebrate Bonus XP with everyone together.

Quality of (Virtual) Life We've made the following complemental changes:

- Fixed a world lag issue so that W1 remains playable;
- Skill names now show in "max reached"-messages;
- Wat Bat is no more;
- Beetle descriptions have been fixed;
- Ring of Sweetness stats have been removed;
- Giant Squid cooking text has been fixed;
- Ancient Platebody now has the correct name;
- Bank space has been increased to 210 slots;
- Anglerfish now gives 625 cooking XP;
- Ancient gauntlet stats have been buffed;
- @Marcos can play Mining Simulator again. (Reference to a player named Marcos on the discord)

As always, we're grateful for your support. Thank you!

The Curse of Aros team

4 June 2021

Brand New Minimap Feature with icons showing points of interest!

Unsure where to go next, everyone? One of the most requested features was the World Map, and here it is in full glory!

A World Map! Though an initial version, it allows you to discover the entire world, see where you are, and all the available interesting points. We will soon be expanding the map with requested additions, such as monster zones and task board guidance.

Unlocked Movement A deeply desired QoL was a movable thumbstick to make it easier on the hands. By default, it can now be used in about 33% of your screen when dragged, similar to a variety of other games. Don't like it? You can turn it off in settings!

Denoised Chat We've made the chat panel much less noisy - the background is gone, and only a few messages gracefully show up in the bottom. The expanded version is still there - just press "Tap to chat" . More chat tweaks are coming up, such as filters, too!

Redesigned Loading Screen Even though it's visible for about 0.12 seconds, we've added Umbra to the loading screen to spice it up.

Sign In With Apple on PC For our #patreon members, we have made the #desktop-game-download support Apple ID as a sign-in method too.

Notch Avoidance The text in the chat window now has a slight padding to avoid notches in a variety of phones.

Crispy New Icon We've also chucked Umbra right at your launcher, and as our icon in the Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

Magic Preparation In preparation for the Magic update, we've added a lot of (invisible) features that prepare you for Magic. You won't notice them, but they're there.

Regression: Snowballs With our Magic tweaks, Snowballs temporarily do not work. This is intended, and will be fixed with the launch of Magic (or even sooner).

We hope these features are much welcome. Enjoy them while we're readying up more...

NOTE: This is an app-only update!

The Curse of Aros team

2 April 2021

The nightmare Bunny has struck again and wants all your chocolate... At least he's gifting you this time.

Remember last year’s Feaster Bunny, everyone? Sure you do, as do we. Though, not much is left of what once was the Feaster Bunny, as his eating habits got out of hand and we’re now stuck with an Easter Nightmare!

This time, we’ve done a different event where you can fight your normal routine, killing monsters but collect Chocolate Coins during your grind! You don’t have to sacrifice sacred Grind Hours to participate, but it goes hand in hand!

To get started, simply fight monsters that are either above or close to your level to gather Chocolate Coins. Feed them to the Easter Nightmare to earn Easter XP. At every 10 levels, you unlock a new Prize which gets you a unique reward!


- The Curse of Aros Team

28 January 2021

New Resources that were added into the HR-PVP area.

New Gauntlets To further expand the possible set of gloves, we've added a bunch of new gloves to the game ranging all the way from Bronze gauntlets to Varaxite gauntlets. But it doesn't stop there, as you can also obtain Deadrock Gauntlets, Umbral Gauntlets and Glacial Gauntlets!

HR-PvP Resources To deliver more incentive to the High-Risk PvP zone, we've added a number of higher-tiered resources to the deeper part of the HR zone. Stay safe!

X-mas Removal Unfortunately, it's time for Based Santa to go home and with him has gone the spirit of Christmas. 'til next year, everyone!

- The Curse of Aros Team

22 December 2020

Based Santa surrounded by his minions.

"Scratch pad noises Ayyyy you already know who it is everyone!

No, no, not Santa, no c'mon, don't you see? It's me, Based Santa, Santa's little brother. Got -6 followers on SoundCloud. Smh my head.

Alright so, Santa been away busy and stuff and I sorta let out these things, uh, nightmare fuel lookin' things. If you don't mind, hop on and help me deal with this, mkay? I could use a hand. Yeah yeah there's something in it for you too. Dunno, got some outfits of a Grinch-looking thing I hit in my V12 Sleighborghini. Oh, also got some snow... Just keep your mouth shut to Santa 'cos he'll be breaking me."

19 November 2020

Two years ago, a tiny game made its way to the Google Play Store - you could hit a bat. Literally.

Here we are, two years later, with more than a thousand people playing concurrently and over 1.5 million accounts created. Hundreds of thousands of hours of playtime later, it's time to celebrate how far we've come!

We're eternally grateful for you, our dear players, and of course to our Patrons - you're all appreciated. Thank you everyone so much for making this happen - each of you contributed to this amazing achievement.

To celebrate, we've chosen to do what some of you have missed out on. There's balloons all over Curse of Aros, with exciting loot inside - including PartyHat 2!

This time, there's pinatas to whack into oblivion that give Anniversary Keys, with which you can open the chest at spawn for some exciting loot - maybe the ultra-rare Jester Hat?

We hope you enjoy this festive celebration. Thank you for being here! PS: Tomorrow, we're dropping an additional goody.

Your Curse of Aros team.

8 November 2020

We're so excited to see that everyone has been actively enjoying the update and going on the wildest adventures! We're back with a quick update to fix all the bugs you've reported since yesterday.


- A merchant & Goblin Trader are now available in the Shadowdune spawn;
- Cactus gloves now have their definitions added;
- The teleporting pointy stone is removed;
- Double-death is fixed while being Cursed;
- The Curses that lasted forever are fixed;
- The back-to-back or even double Cursed Mummy pools are patched;
- The keys in the treasure room now also work when first in your inventory;
- The big fish cooking table now uses black salt;
- Empty sandstone rocks are no longer walkable;
- Annoying little obstacles were removed all around;
- Manta rays can now be boxed;
- Halloween bags are openable again;
- Dragon scaled and eyes now also show the Umbral crafting options;
- People under level 70 can no longer teleport to Varaxis;
- The mushroom island water no longer lets you go astray;
- Curse spread distance is less severe;

We've also added a bunch of Cosmetics that didn't make the cut with the last update. They've been delayed but are here now.

We hope you enjoy the game as much as we do making it!

- Your Curse of Aros team <3

7 November 2020

This update brings a whole new area to the land of aros as well as cool new items!!!

Everyone!! We've worked for longer than we would like to admit: this is the accumulation of 12 months worth of small improvements on a never-ending project. Now, it's here, and we've done everything in our power to make this the most exciting update ever. And we think it is. Here's why...


The main area of this update is Shadowdune: the large landmass you've all had slight sight of. Venture into it, but not unprepared: various monsters await your arrival. Scorpions, Desert Raptors, Sandstone Golems, Brown and Purple Snakes, Scarabs from Sapphire to Arosite, Cactus Soldiers... brace yourself.

  • The Tomb of Shadowdune

The Tomb, located just north of the village, is only for the strong and brave: vicious snakes are ready to destroy you as you pass. Dare to enter? Be ready to face Anubis and the Anubis Elite, two new monsters with unique drops.

  • The Mummy of Shadowdune's Tomb

The once-strong King of Shadowdune is now found as a sleeping Mummy. If you bring the right key, you might awaken his Spirit and face the strongest boss of Curse of Aros to date. This boss will give you Gold Keys, which you can use in the Tomb Treasure rooms. And uhm... bring Cursed Relics. Just to be sure.

  • The Mummy's Spirit

Once in a few battles, the spirit of the Mummy will be reanimated and make its way to the mainland. A great experience, because this free-for-all boss will drop Experience Potions! Arm yourself with a few of those for your upcoming battles.

  • Treasure Rooms

The Tomb has, as many toms do, treasure chambers. Should you find them, make sure you bring some keys with you to try on the locks. You may just get lucky and open the Gold Chest, full of ancient materials...

  • Ancient Armour

The strongest set to date: Ancient Equipment (95). Finishing off with an Ancient Scimitar, this set is made from the purest gold and finest materials mixed with the essence of Mummies. Do you have what it takes to achieve the most powerful and shiny armour in the game?

  • Scarabs

There's a new species discovered: gem-backed scarabs! These scarabs have gems to cut off. Need a few shinies? There you go.

  • Magnetite Scarabs

These Scarabs also have a slightly stonger variant: the Magnetite Scarab. These can drop Magnetite, which is used to craft a Magnetic Charge.

  • Desert Raptors

Desert Raptors can now be fought, and are assignable as tasks.

  • Sandstone Golems

Sandstone Golems are large, powerful and all-destructing golems. If you're lucky, you could get the Ancient handle. This handle lets you craft the Ancient Pickaxe and Ancient Axe.

  • Raptor Hide & Gloves

All raptors, from the regular green to the new Desert ones, drop Raptor Hides. These can be woven into Raptor Gloves: handy protection for your knuckles.

  • Necklaces & Silver

Finally, a use for all this silver in your bank! Smelt it into bars and turn it into powerful necklaces, such as the Battle Necklace, or the Ruby Necklace. There's a total of 5 new Necklaces to be made.

  • Teleporter

To find your way around the map a little faster, you can use Magnetic charges to teleport yourself from A to B. They stack in your inventory and will help you to get around a little easier.

  • Infernal Eruption

Once in a blue moon, the core of the world heats up sufficiently to erupt in violence and create cracks in the surface. Be quick, mine them and perhaps you can find a Smouldering Stone!

  • Smouldering Stone & Infernal Hammer

The Smouldering stones can be made into an Infernal Hammer, saving you an inventory slot and providing 4% bonus Smithing XP with 2,000 charges. A must-have. Black Salt Mining If you're sufficiently high in mining, you can try to mine the new Black Salt rocks - great for seasoning bigger fish!

  • Big Fish Cooking

You can now cook Sharks and higher at the big cooking table in Shadowdune. For this, you need the Black salt.

  • Sandworms Fishing

In Shadowdune, Sandworms often make appearance through the sand and can be used to catch Anglerfish.

  • Ancient Pickaxe & Axe

With the Ancient handle from Sandstone Golems, and some of the rare materials from the Mummy, you can make the Ancient (Pick)axe - excellent level 95 tools that will help you cut and chop even more efficiently!

  • Golemite Gauntlets

You can now smith Golemite Gauntlets, powerful new handwear, from the normal Golemite ingredients.

  • Deadrock Shield

A nice inbetween-level shield can be obtained from the Rock Demon: the Deadrock Shield. At level 70, it's a great addition to the strength stat of your build.

  • The Ancient Tree

With the nutrient-rich soil, every now and then an ancient seed unfolds into a mighty tree. This tree can be cut for various logs, similar to the Meteorite, but can also give you a brand new unique gem: the Snake Eye.

  • Snake Charm

If you get the Snake Eye, you can make a nice ring out of it that protects you from vile snakes. Be safe!

  • Sandstone Mining

If your mining level is 45 or higher, you can now mine Sandstone around the hot desert.

  • Sandstone Shield

Sandstone can be crafted into Sandstone shields - a medium level shield to protect against damage.

  • Spinus

In the warmest center of Shadowdune rests Spinus, a demiboss that's strong but weak at the same time. Besides the cactus chunks, you can also get the Cactus Ring!

  • Ancient Rod

If you've been lucky enough to get the Ancient Reel from the Mummy, you can now assemble this into a new fishing rod that will reel in the real fishes. Palm Trees Have high woodcutting? Great! Cut away at some palm trees. Surely someone will have a use for those logs.

  • Cursed Relics

These relics provide 50% damage mitigation against Cursed attacks. Handy... or required?

  • Spade Digging

Many monsters now carry various spades, from feeble Iron spades all the way to Ancient Spades. However, the latter may be only from a particular monster or boss... These spades let you dig the beetle mounds all around Shadowdune - wonder what's inside? Go check it out!

Thank you,

The Curse of Aros team <3

11 October 2020

This update brings cool new items and cosmetics!

Happy Halloween everyone! For the next 20 days, the world of Curse of Aros is filled with Halloween - spooky tunes, scary world events and above all... fun and loot!

All around the world, pumpkins have randomly begun growing! But that's not all, some new creatures have made their way into the world...

Pumpkin Soldiers Around the map, Pumpkin Soldiers and Elites are found which drop bags of delicious candy -AND ITEMS ARE INSIDE!

PumpKing The king of them all, the Pumpking, has made his way here as well. And he's much, much stronger... But everything for those bags of candy!

Bags of Candy From these creatures, you get bags of candy. There are three types, of which the Magic Bag of Treats is the rarest, but also the most rewarding! Inside these bags you can find Pumplet, and the Pumpkin Equipment. Will you be the lucky sweet-tooth who gets it all?

We hope you enjoy this event while we're preparing the release of something greater. Have fun!

~ Your Curse of Aros team.

14 July 2020

We're super excited to release two brand-new skills to the public! Both Fishing and Cooking are now available! With that also comes shields, which you can smith.


All around the world, bait can be collected. Whether it's as drops from fishing spiders, forest spiders, mushrooms, or forest bats, or the worms you can collect around the game world, these little creatures are perfect for reeling in fish!

You will find fishing spots around the map, but the most populated hub is the fishing docks, straight down from the Forest Bats, past the Forest Fiends. There, you will enjoy a tranquil lake full of fish to catch. All the way from anchovies to entire orcas, a new grind awaits!


These fish can be cooked to perfection too. If you have a pinch of salt for seasoning, you can turn these fish into delicious meals for your pets. You can cook at the cookfire south of the smithing hub.

Salt Rocks

Two new rocks are now available for mining: salt and pink salt. Salt can be found at the Forest Bats, and Pink Salt can be found in the High-Risk PvP zone.

Pet Food

The delicious food you cook can be fed to your pets to increase their power. Bring a bunch of good food and your follower will return the favor.


You can finally equip shields! These can be forged from metal at the normal smithing hub, and can be worn to increase one's defense stat.

Have fun playing this update while we're working on the things lined up, such as the Desert. Stay tuned for more! Check this out to find out more details about Fishing and Cooking

~ Your Curse of Aros team.

7 June 2020

This update brings the competition!

Prepare your weapons - High-Risk High-Reward DANGEROUS PvP IS HERE!

While we were working on the Desert expansion, we asked you if you wanted us to release the PvP update in the meantime. You said yes, so here's something exciting while we are hard at work finishing up the Desert expansion (of which phase 1 is nearing completion!)

Dangerous PvP Before we get started, YOU WILL LOSE ITEMS. Seriously. Read that again. This is high-risk. Dangerous PvP. If you die, you lose items and gold. Read it once more to be sure. Got it? Good!

In the Dangerous PvP portal, you'll find the ability to fight other people for their items and gold. Before entering the portal, you are shown what items you will keep and what you will lose at the time of entering. If you pick new items up, it may not be up to date anymore. We recommend rechecking through the portal every now and then!

Dangerous PvP has 1v1 combat, meaning that you can only fight one person at a time. Level restrictions apply here, but if there is a request for it, we will expand the zone with a free-for-all area where larger level differences can fight.

Despite the high risk, you can earn a lot there too! If you kill someone, you get the items they lose. This could be your chance to truly become wealthy through PvP!

Bank Amount Button The bank interface has received a button that lets you change the deposit and withdraw quantity. You need to have the latest game version for this, and iOS users may have to wait until the acceptance before it becomes available.

Yesterday's Outage We're going to work on solving yesterday's issue after this update.

The Desert: Just Around The Corner We know everyone is anticipating the release of the Desert. We are too! There are a lot of changes, big and small, that accompany that update and we're trying to do it in two releases to reduce the wait time. Stay tuned for more information!

~ The Curse of Aros team.

14 April 2020

This update brings a bunch of new pets and cool new easter themed items and cosmetics!

Okay, we need your help. Easter may be over, but Easter Bunny's rabid twin, the Feaster Bunny, has made its way to Curse of Aros to celebrate himself. And he's absolutely done with the happiness from Easter and is ready to eat you alive. Along came his Rabid Army of bunnies, and to put it brief: Unhappy Feaster to us... everyone

Get in gear and enter the Eggciting portal at spawn to dive straight into the battle. Bring a Saving Grace. Fight the Feaster Bunny, defeat Rabid Bunnies, collect the stolen Easter Eggs and open them for a chance to get a Bunny pet! You can also cut Easter Trees or mine Easter Rocks for those eggs, so there's lots of Eggcelent ways to take back the stolen Easter Eggs and defeat the Feaster Bunny's army.

Patch Notes:

- You can now fight the Feaster Bunny on Feaster Island;
- You can obtains a Bunny pet from the Feaster Bunny as rare drop;
- Rabid Bunnies drop Easter eggs which can hatch into the Bunny pet;
- You can also collect Easter Eggs from Easter Trees and Easter Rocks;
- Bank space has increased by 20 extra slots to 140;
- The Pet Merchant is now available and sells cute pets;
- Pet facing issues after combat have been fixed;
- Spiders have been graphically updated;
- Three new Bunny Ears cosmetic hats are available;

Happy Feaster!

- The Curse of Aros Team

25 March 2020

This update brings 4 brand new skilling pets with unique abilities!

Skilling Pets are here everyone! All the cool pets have always been available only through combat, from the Bat Pet to the blazing micro Umbra, but it's time to change that. Now, skilling too provides you with four brand-new pets which each give a small benefit in their skill category. Meet: Ember, Woody, Woodpecker & Rocky!

Pet Skill Categories These four pets are divided in two groups: gathering pets and processing pets. Gathering pets can be obtained by Mining and Woodcutting, while processing pets can be obtained through Smithing and Crafting. They can only be trained by practicing a skill in their category, so for a Gathering pet tp level up, you can train it by Woodcutting or Mining!

Skill Pet Benefits So, as combat pets help you kill things faster, we decided that skill pets had to have a small benefit in skills. That is why Gathering Pets will give you slightly faster Mining and Woodcutting speeds (based on their level), and Processing Pets will give you a slight change to save a log when crafting, or speed up your smithing process. This, too, increases by their level.

Obtaining Shards Every since the Snowverlord has disappeared, so has the way for free players to obtain cosmetics without paying. We have reintroduced this mechanic with all monsters, and you now have a very small chance to get a candy from killing monsters around your level. Killing bats at level 115 won't really be worth it.

Other Changes We have made a variety of other improvements:

- Spectral boots now show their correct stats;
- Data usage for the game in general has been reduced;
- Umbra's drops are no longer lootable by others;

We hope this gives you something new to enjoy while we work on Magic, Archery, PvP, Sailing & The Islands of Aros. Stay tuned!

- Your Curse of Aros team.

Sorry about the hiccups during our update process. Things are operational again!

29 February 2020

This update brings 2 new skills and a new cosmetic Lumberjack Outfit!

Woodcutting, Crafting, & Relics are here! In this massive update, we're launching two new skills. a new core game element (Relics) and a lot of graphical improvements to the environment and items.

Woodcutting Skill
The most anticipated skill of the past year has been Woodcutting, and we're super excited to launch it. Across the world you'll find 9 new trees, ranging from pine trees to olive trees, all of which have unique logs that can be used. Yes, they can be used! They're great for crafting.

Crafting Skill
Woodcutting wouldn't be woodcutting without a way to process logs. We've also added the Crafting skill, a brand new skill accompanying Woodcutting where you can turn logs into Relics - new magical items that provide passive bonuses. These bonuses range from slight accuracy increases to bonus experience, and they're all made out of wood. This gives you a great way to use those logs into something you'll benefit from right away!

The new three slots are for a new mechanic we're introducing: Relics. Relics are small artifacts that carry magical power and give subtle, but noticeable benefits to your character build. You have 3 slots to fill, so there are lots of various options to experiment with to see what works best for you! Respective crafting levels are required and the stronger relics will take a little more effort to get there!

Graphical Reworks
We've been working hard on getting our new unified style out. Something that gives more of an RPG feel than what we've had. We're increasing contrast while working on making shapes clearer and accentuating the important parts of things. We hope you enjoy what we're making!

Lumberjack Outfit
A new cosmetic outfit has been added to go with Woodcutting: you'll be able to rock a beard, a lumberjack hat and the accompanying other half to really immerse in those woods.

Other Changes
Some other improvements have been made to Curse of Aros:

- Smithing axes and pickaxes now requires logs for the handle;
- The Saving Grace bug has finally been eradicated;

09 January 2020

This update brings 2 new accessories, a new monster The Giant Hornet and a new cosmetic.

Giant Hornets have appeared in Curse of Aros, everyone! These new lv 62 creatures can be found south of the (green) Raptors and bring you two brand new skilling items: the Infernal Ring and the Prospector's Necklace!

Giant Hornets These new bee-like creatures are worth the hunt: while relatively weak (level 62), they are the only source of two brand new items: the Infernal Ring and the Prospector's Necklace. Although a slightly rare drop, these items will be sought after by miners and smiths alike for their XP boosting properties!

Prospector's Necklace This new necklace, dropped by the Giant Hornets, provides +5% Mining XP to ore rocks and meteorites. They have 1,000 charges before they turn into dust, but are definitely worth having if you want to speed up the leveling process!

Infernal Ring The Smithing counterpart of the Prospector's Ring, this ring provides +5% Smithing XP when smelting and smithing. Since you will find yourself smithing fewer items, this ring has 150 charges before it turns into dust. Nonetheless, it turns every 100 XP into 105XP, which adds up after a few levels!

Guardian Cosmetic The golden cosmetic in the image is the Guardian Cosmetic and can be bought from the Goblin Trader if you'd like to both support Curse of Aros and look a little cooler.

Bug Fixes & Improvements The following bugs were fixed:

- Umbra no longer makes a fiery mess;
- Saving Grace now triggers spawn protection;
- Baby Dragons don't fly away anymore;
- Saving Grace now cures statuses when teleporting you.

You do not need to update the game - it updates itself.

As always, we're eager to hear your feedback. Thank you for playing!

- The Curse of Aros team.

05 January 2020

A brand new Task board located in Varaxis that requires Level 70 to use and gives amazing boss tasks!

We hope you've all had a great holiday season everyone. In an attempt to make your holiday season even better, we're bringing out a little update with some new features and quite a few fixes!

Boss Tasks If you're a true boss hunter and don't mind slaying the same evil entity over and over, here's something to make it more enjoyable: Boss Tasks! Once you've reached level 70, Varaxis offers you a brand new Boss Taskboard where you can take on boss tasks. They can be taken on simultaneously with your normal tasks, and can even be done in a team. As long as you do significant damage to the boss, you will progress your task. Boss tasks come with more XP, gold and items than normal tasks.

Varaxian Armour Components We have carefully listened to all the feedback from update - a massive thank you to everyone who spoke their mind! Most of you felt that while the boss armour was great, there was no real incentive to do the regular monsters at Varaxis, let alone tasks. For that reason, the following components are now rarely dropped:

- Golemite fragments, shards and slabs can be obtained from Golemite Bats & Fiends;
- Dragon claws and horns can now be obtained from the Baby Dragons.

We hope this makes the game more enjoyable for you, while at the same time not devaluing the prices of the items. Bossing will still be the dominant way to obtain the pieces, but very rarely some can drop from the above listed as well.

Boss Improvements We have also taken a good look at the bosses and fixed the remaining bugs. While we think we haven't yet figured out the despawning bug, most of the other ones have been fixed:

- The Golem can now be attacked while it's doing the ceiling attack;
- The Golem does his special attacks less frequently;
- The Golem no longer heals when not attacked frequently enough;

- A safespot has been fixed at Umbra (yes, you get banned for that!);

- It is no longer possible to get any loot at any boss without doing significant damage (patches drop stealing);

For this reason, you now lose XP when dying to Umbra and the Golem again!

Kill Count Tracker Starting with this update, we'll keep track of everything you've slain, and you can see your tracker with /kc. It will show you the total numbers killed since today's update.

Reworked Task Rewards We felt that task rewards could use a little spicing up, so we've increased the maximum amount of items tasks give, as well as introduced scrolls to the possible reward list.

Level Up Gifts For our low-to-medium leveled players, we have introduced small packages that give you a little boost once reaching a level milestone. Although it's nothing spectacular, we feel it may give you a little more motivation to grow stronger by handing you some potions, and the occasional scroll. For those who are higher leveled: fear not, you're not missing out on anything significant!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

- You now need the correct mining level for your pickaxe at meteorites;
- Meteorites now indicate roughly where it struck;
- There is now a 2 second respawn invincibility to avoid double deaths;
- The Saving Grace now correctly works with the Rebirth Scroll;
- Players can no longer go over the party limit;
- Incorrect stats have been fixed for Mythan and Crimsteel equipment;
- Incorrect level requirements were fixed on Golemite pieces.

As always, it's our sole goal to make sure you enjoy the game we make, thus we greatly appreciate your feedback in #suggestions or #bug-reports. Thank you! ~ The Curse of Aros team.

Note: You do not need to update your app. This is a server-only update.

22 December 2019

Christmas time!

Christmas is here!

Christmas is here everyone! This year, the almighty Snowverlord has appeared on Curse of Aros! Help defeat this big but incredibly feeble snow giant and take a shot at getting a Santa Hat, the Jingle Top or Jingle Pants or even a chance at the brand new Reindeer pet! Every participant gets a drop when helping in the battle, and there's a 1 in 20 chance that the Spirit of Christmas blesses the world with 50% BONUS XP!

Snowverlord To take on the big Snowverlord, interact with the big Christmas tree right at home and you'll be taken to the lair of the Snowverlord. Don't sweat - this boss is incredibly weak, but has lots of health! Bring your friends to take on this boss in an effort for some great new items, or a pet!

New Collectible Outfit By killing the Snowverlord, you have a good chance at getting some drops. The second most exciting of them all is the new outfit: get yourself a Santa Hat, or a part of the Jingle outfit!

New Collectible Pet If you're lucky and you've helped out numerous times defeating the evil, you may be rewarded a Reindeer to keep! This new pet will be just like the rest, fighting alongside you on your adventures, getting stronger with every battle.

New Cosmetic Outfits A few new limited edition cosmetic outfits have appeared in the cosmetic store and are definitely worth checking out. Created for us by @Shade , we now give you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a Reindeer, or a mighty Frost Knight!

+50% XP When slaying the Snowverlord, there is a 1 in 20 chance that +50% Bonus XP is activated for the next 30 minutes! Have fun grinding!

On behalf of everyone on our team: Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree: :mrs_claus:

Happy celebrating!

Note: there is no App Update. Simply restart the game and you're golden!

21 December 2019

We are once again updating with a change that should make the strange death bug from bosses a bit less severe: You will temporarily (until we announce otherwise in the welcome interface) not lose XP when dying to Umbra and the Golem. This is to mitigate the impact of the double death bug that sometimes seems to occur as well as other minor issues.

This is a server-only update and will not take long. We apologise for the inconvenience and the bugs - I am away on vacation but nonetheless will stay committed to delivering a good experience.

Godspeed, The Curse of Aros team.

20 December 2019

We're quickly updating to address some issues:

- We are restarting to re-add Umbra & the Golem;
- The luminant slime chunks were too rare and have been made much more common as intended;
- We appreciate you even more with this update.

This is a server-only update and will only be brief downtime.

Thank you, The Curse of Aros team.

19 December 2019

We apologize for the bugs in last update, and are updating with a lot of fixes (and some content) to make it more enjoyable!

New Pets You can now obtain a Luminant Slime pet from Luminant Slimes, and if you're lucky, you can even get a "tiny" Umbra pet. Who wants a pet dragon?!

Icelord Set We have also added a new cosmetic outfit to the store as people wanted one to come with Varaxis, although we could not make it in time for the update.

Bug Fixes We have addressed the following bugs and quirks:

- The Golem will no longer double kill you;
- Umbra will no longer burn you after death;
- The drop rate for Umbra's scales has been increased;
- Baby Dragons now drop Dragonscales too;
- The Golem will no longer leave traces of his zone behind;
- The Varaxite pickaxe now shows up the way it's meant to;
- The Umbral pickaxe has the correct item in the smithing list;
- You now respawn in Varaxis when dying from the Golem;
- Drops that belonged to you now really belong to you and cannot be picked up by others;
- The news articles no longer show weird characters;
- Drops have a longer timer before they disappear;
- The potion timer has been slightly decreased allowing for faster drinking;
- The stray tiles in Wintermist were cleaned up;
- The golem no longer shows a graphic of falling rocks when you're in the safe zone.

You do not need to update your app. This is a content-only update.

As always, we thank you for playing Curse of Aros! <3 ~ The Curse of Aros team.

18 December 2019

Varaxis The wait is over. Varaxis is here, and it's big. It brings you various new monsters, which include the Golemite Bat and the Golemite Fiend, but also open up the gates to The Golem and Umbra, two tough new bosses that drop the pieces to 2 new equipment sets, requiring level 85 and 90. The new sets are untradable, but the ingredients can be traded.

The Golem In the Temple of Varaxis, a challenge awaits. The Golem - a fierce stone bulky giant - is protecting his followers from anything brave enough to enter his temple. Should you find yourself a warrior brave enough, you can pay him a visit and defeat him for various components.

Golemite Equipment The Golem drops various components, and when collected enough, these can be turned into powerful level 85 Golemite equipment! You can smith these from their respective parts at the imbued anvil.

Umbra, Guardian of Varaxis Deep inside the dark tunnels of her lair, Umbra awaits adventurers strong enough to take on a great, mighty dragon with flaming attacks ready. If you think you have what it takes, pay her a visit and see if you can defeat the Strongest Boss to date. Featuring projectile systems, graphical effects, sound effects and a dedicated music track, we feel this is our best boss battle to date. Beware: fire.

Umbral Equipment If you have proven to be a worthy warrior, and collecting the various parts of Umbra's carcass was but a test of your ability, you can head over to the imbued anvil south of the center square to smith these parts into the new best-in-slot Umbral equipment!

Umbral Pickaxe One of the things you can create from these Umbral components is the Umbral Pickaxe - an incredibly powerful but rare pickaxe that has a passive ability of giving you an extra ore when mining, and it's incredibly fast!

Varaxium Deep in the lands of Varaxis, new ores are ready to be discovered by eager miners with upwards of level 70 Mining. Those with the accompanying 70 Smithing can turn these into Varaxium bars, which you can hammer into the new Varaxium Armour (level 70), luminating with the vibrant energy of Varaxis.

Redesigned Deadrock & Glacial In our continued efforts to graphically improve the game, our artist @Shade has given both Deadrock and Glacial armour a graphical makeover and they both look better than ever. Thank you for your feedback on the previous looks - we hope these are more to your liking!

Mythan in Stores To make the initial curve depend less on monster drops and player interaction, we've put Mythan (tier 50) in the Merchant's shop inventory.

Player Reporting We have been facing a lot of wrongdoing in Curse of Aros unfortunately. To make it easier to combat this and to keep our game clean from bad actors, we have added a way to report players. You can tap on a player, both in the game and in the chatbox (tap their chat message), and then select "Report". Select the appropriate reason, and hit submit. Our staff team will look at your report shortly.

Game Settings The most requested engine feature of the past months has been to mute the volume. We went a bit further and added a full interface with game settings. Here, you can change the volume of music and/or sounds, and even reposition the "quick access bar" to the left side of the screen, which some people have asked for. You can also opt to hide player names should that be easier on your eyes. More settings to come in the future!

Purchases on iOS With a lot of obstacles, we have finally managed to give you the option to purchase shards on iPhone and iPad. We apologise that it took so long, but it's here!

Level Cap to 115 As we have enough content to warrant people levelling beyond 110, we have increased the level cap to 115. Happy grinding!

Inventory Organising You can now drag items around your inventory to arrange the lay out. This also means you can decide what slots your potions appear in in the Quick Access Bar - simply rearrange your inventory and the bar will update!

Other Improvements That is not all. We have also taken a lot of your feedback and improved Curse of Aros in various other ways:

- You can now turn your phone 180 degrees and the screen rotates with it;
- The back button no longer closes the game, but closes the active interface or, when none is open, shows the logout menu;
- We have expanded the bank space by 20 slots;
- Four new music tracks are added to the Varaxis regions;
- The levels for bosses has been increased to indicate they're tough;
- You get 10% less when selling items to the Merchant to promote player trading;
- You can now sort your bank's contents;

~ Yours truly, The Curse of Aros team. <3

20 November 2019

Unfortunately, the event has ended. We would like to thank each and every of you who came to celebrate our anniversary with us. It's been amazing - thank you!

Much love, ~ Your crew.

19 November 2019

24-hour celebration event!

The following event has now ended. Stay tuned for future upcoming events!

Whoa, what a year! From being excited when we had a few players online, to a thriving game with an awesome community in just a year. It's incredibly exciting to see how far we've come, and how much further we're going to get next year.

To thank each and every of you individually isn't possible, but we've come up with a little celebration event by filling the world with loot-filled balloon's, enabling +50% XP (not double, that would devalue a lot of work) and giving 30% extra Shards on top of every purchase.

Thank you for an amazing year, everyone - and here's to the next! <3

~ Your Curse of Aros team.

15 November 2019

To keep you occupied even slightly, we've added a few new features to Curse of Aros to mute those stomach rumbles from the update hunger. We have exciting things to come - stay tuned!

Raptor Pets were added, both Ice raptor and regular raptor. Mushroom island was added, they drop amulet of nature. Reworked War Bat to include Bat Amulet and Bat Ring. Ring of nature dropped by forest bats, ring of might dropped by ancient bats, and amulet of focus dropped by Rock demon.

29 October 2019

Happy Halloweek!

This is a week-long event lasting until next Tuesday. Collect Darkness from the Soulless and, when enough is collected, Double XP is activated for an hour!

Enjoy! ~ The Curse of Aros team

27 October 2019

Over the past months, we have gathered your feedback regarding our cosmetic prices. While some are happy with how things are right now, the majority has spoken and said that our pricing is too high. So, we've taken your feedback into account and are updating to make some changes.

Cosmetic Price Reduction We're lowering the prices of nearly all cosmetics, some by 20% and some by as much as 90%. You will now find that getting a full set can be as low as 250 shards, where some of the most amazing sets (think Bloodlust) are still expensive to have some sort of hierarchy in the outfit wardrobe.

Shard Refunds Now, this would be unfair to people who purchased shards! Correct. That's why everyone who purchased any of the cosmetics has been given the price change back to their account. So, if you spent 200 on a part that is now 50, you'll automatically be given 150 shards back to your character. You can spend those on your next piece!

This is a server-only update and will only take a handful of minutes. We will be online again shortly!

~ The Curse of Aros team.

20 October 2019

We're deploying a patch to address some issues in the server and improve some aspects:

- The path to the furnace is shorter and less obstructed;
- Meteorites now have a bright purple message;
- Sorting the inventory with a hammer works again;
- The PvP square has been fixed;
- The Taskboard can no longer be used remotely;
- XP rates for smithing have been reduced as they're too high;

We're still looking into the black-screen issue. We will have a fix for this soon. Promise.

Thank you for helping us improve Curse of Aros. This is a server-only update and you do not need to download any update. Thank you!

~ The Curse of Aros team.

19 October 2019

Update 1.15.2 is here!

Smithing is here!

Take your bars from your inventory because it's time to smith for days!

4 New Armour Tiers We have introduced 4 new armour sets:

- Bronze (some items had been renamed from wooden)
- Iron (some items had been renamed from leather)
- Gold (extremely valuable vanity items!)
- Cobalt (level 60 equipment)

You can make all of the above by smelting bars, and then smithing them by first purchasing a hammer and then heading to the anvil.

Boxing To make trading easier, you can box up your ores and bars using the new Boxing Workstations at the spawn point. These withdraw items from your bank, and box them up into stackable, tradable items.

Meteorites Meteorites will now randomly come crashing into the world, and can be mined for ores and valuable gems! Are you lucky enough to get the brand-new Arosite gem?

5 New Cosmetics We've also added some brand new cosmetics, in celebration of Halloween:

- The Bloodlord Set;
- The Alien Set;
- The Scarecrow Set;
- The Creep Set;
- The Pumpkin Set;

Various Changes We've also made other minor changes to the game that you may enjoy:

- A taskboard has been added in the Snow land (Wintermist);
- Mythan and Cobalt can now be mined in the Abandoned Mines;
- The Ring of Treasure has been added, which grants 10% bonus gold per kill;
- A bug with accounts getting stuck has (most likely) been fixed.

We're super excited to launch this update. Quickly grab that update below and get smithing! See you in-game!

~ The Curse of Aros team.

12 October 2019

Turn up the volume - MUSIC & SOUNDS are finally here!


We've added 10 music tracks to the world of Curse of Aros, and in each area you'll be able to hear a fitting track, including in some of the dangerous Boss Dungeons and the Battlegrounds!

You'll also hear sound effects in various places and with various actions. We hope this fills the hole in your heart. And remember: your phone has a volume button. Feel free to mute the game if you prefer the old style!

22 September 2019

An important update has gone live that fixes the lag issues - please update your game to ensure smoother gameplay!

21 September 2019

Mining is here

The update is here already and it's hotter than ever. Grab your pickaxe from the Merchant and start mining some ores! The lower tiers of pickaxes are all available in the shop, but the new Mythan Pickaxe drops from creatures that drop Mythan gear, and the strongest Cobalt Pickaxe is dropped by Rock Fiends and the Rock Demon only!

Ores can be sold directly to the merchant, or kept in your bank for the future update of Smithing, where you will be able to turn those ores into bars, and then turn those bars into awesome new gear!

17 September 2019

It's party time! Parties & Raptors are here, along with multiple worlds, and more!

Important notice: Upon death, you lose 1% of your XP bar. Death should be scary, not nice.

Parties You've been asking for it for a long time, and we're happy to say it's finally here: you can form parties with your friends! To invite someone into your party (or create a party), tap on your buddy and press Party. You can party with up to 5 people and share XP, as long as your party members are nearby and are also playing. They also have to be close to your level to gain XP.

You can attack the same monsters and when in PvP, you can't accidentally attack people in your party. This should make for some more exciting battles!

To chat privately, you can start your message with /p and it will be seen only by your party members. Example: /p any loot?

Raptors Two new creatures have emerged: Raptors & Ice Raptors. These new creatures seem to hold items of great power: the components to a ring and an amulet. The ring has an ancient power to heal its bearer when doing damage to enemies, while the amulet protects the wearer from damage.

Raptors are found west of the spawn position. Ice Raptors are found east of the Ice Fiends.

Multiple Worlds Curse of Aros will begin to add additional servers to keep up with the growth and to respect your space. To change worlds, go to the main menu and tap on the 'World' button below the Play button. Your progress persists on all worlds.

Daily Boosts Every day, a little package awaits you that helps you on your grind. The same interface also contains our latest updates: no need to check Discord anymore to see what's new!

Expanded Prison We've enlarged the Ancient Prison to create more space to grind. The north-east side, upwards from the Cyclopes, has been given more creatures to slay.

We hope you enjoy this update. There is more greatness coming, best be prepared!

~ The Curse of Aros team.

6 September 2019

Hi guys! We're back at it again, this time with a minor update to fix some of your reported bugs, and a small improvement to the Task board.

Taskboard Multi-tasking! You asked, we deliver. We've added support for taking on multiple tasks at the same time. If you have two tasks of Rock fiends and kill a rock fiend, only one progresses, obviously, but now you don't have to go back all the time and can grind until you've ticked them off. /tasks now shows a list of your active tasks.

Bug Fixes With the last update, we accidentally broke some stuff. This update fixes those bugs:

- Scroll timers show up again, as they should;
- Defence damage reduction no longer applies to monsters (you'll hit normal again!);
- Commands no longer say the command wasn't found, even if it was.

Our apologies for the stuff we broke. This update is a server-only update, no need to update in the Play Store.

Thank you,

- The Curse of Aros Team

4 September 2019

Today we're bringing a little "gap update". We know it's been a while, but we're still working extremely hard on some amazing content. This update is here to keep you occupied, while we work hard on the real update! Rest assured: the real update brings real content and exciting new stuff!

New Pets We've brought two new obtainable pets for you to find:

- The Ancient Bat Pet (obtained from the Ancient Bat, not the boss);
- The Phantom Fiend Pet.

Level cap to 105 Some of you have hit level 100 already, so we've raised up the level cap slightly.

New Cosmetic Sets We didn't really offer much in terms of cosmetic variety, so we've added 7 new sets to the Cosmetic Goblin:

- Chaos Set;
- Rancor Set;
- Azure, Crimson & Amber Samurai Sets;
- Sunken Set;
- Reaper Set.

Defence and Critical Hits We have tweaked defence to also reduce some of the damage you take, increasing as you raise your defence stat. This should make defence a more viable stat to spend your points on. We plan to do a similar change to HP soon, to balance the skill stats out more.

We have also added critical hits: you have a small chance to do 50% extra damage to your opponent. This mechanic will see more love soon, likely in terms of per-armour critical hit bonuses as well as a graphical indicator in the game client next update.

Game Broadcasts We have added a bunch of little game messages that are broadcasted once per 2 minutes. They include minor tips about the game, and more to come.

Quality of Life changes We also made some minor changes:

- Rebirth & Return scrolls can now be traded by popular request;
- The Ice Demon drop rates have been slightly improved;
- A chat cooldown has been added to combat spammers;
- You can now see your active task progress with /task;

As we've said above, some great content is coming and will make its appearance soon. In the meantime: enjoy this little gap update!

- The Curse of Aros Team <3

16 August 2019

The Taskboard is here! It's over for the repetitive grinding - we're introducing some dimension into leveling up: The Taskboard. This massive board full of tasks can be found right at the home near the Bank Chest and the Merchant and provides you with 5 unique tasks - each of which will be replaced with a brand new generated one when it's completed! Enjoy endless variety with a nice XP and gold bonus, as well as sometimes an item or two (or hundred).

Have a task you don't like? You can skip tasks for a fee of 3x the gold reward. You may want to use that sparingly as you won't be making a profit otherwise!

Get started @everyone - pick a task and get some XP! Be sure to update your app from the Play Store and gather that glorious experience. Enjoy! <3

27 July 2019

"But we already had an update"

Are you ready for Part II of The Frozen Tunnels & The Ancient Prison? We're finally awaking the Ice Demon from its hibernation, and you can see what other people are showing in their trades.

Oh, and did we mention we're promoting someone to a moderator?

A few more patch notes:

- Items are dropped to people who do the most damage; the more damage you do, the higher your chance to get the drop. This means that doing the most damage won't guarantee you get the drop, but it does increase your odds!
- The weird key item is no longer a potion but a prison key;
- XP given from monsters is no longer halved past a certain level;

25 July 2019

The Frozen Tunnels & The Ancient Prison are here!

Discover the myseries of Curse of Aros' newest and biggest update thus far. With 6 new creatures and 2 new bosses, as well as 4 new complete armour sets and 4 new zones plus graphical reworks, this update is surely going to unleash your beast!

There is no Google Play update, so you can get started right away! The Ice Demon is to be released later today or tomorrow when he wakes up from its hibernation.


14 July 2019

Time to level up those pets. Hey @everyone ! We're very excited to finally introduce pets that can gain XP, and level up alongside you. They also help you in battle, so be sure to treat them well to have them look out for you in return!

Every pet has their own unique progress, so you can level the pets you like most to have them as your friends, forever. The maximum level a pet can get as of yet is 50, but bear in mind that they level slower than you! It'll take a while to reach level 50, good luck!

On top of that, you can now also name your pets. If you buy a pet name tag in the Merchant's shop, you can assign a name to one of your pets if you take it out. Inappropriate names will result in account suspension.

We also have enlarged the cave areas, and added more Cave Bats as well as Rock Fiends. We hope that helps you grind!

The Merchant now sells some more steel items too, to help you through your progress as a lower levelled player.

Be sure to update your apps. See you in-game!

10 July 2019

Prepare to Die, @everyone - it's time for The Battlegrounds! Get ready to prove yourself as a warrior in this exciting Free-For-All battle arena!

To the left of spawn, you can now participate in a lobby where you'll be sent to a large battleground with up to 15 others.

There are various match types:

- Fun - no entry fee, and small gold rewards for the winner
- Staked - has an entry fee and the winner takes it all
- Coming Soon: Ranked matches!

See you in game! And don't forget to update :)

5 July 2019

A small update has just gone live with a few minor changes. To sum them up briefly:

- If you've purchased shards, your name will now show up as green to show you've supported us;
- The Scroll of Vitality timer has been fixed (was 5 minutes, is now 10 minutes).

Thank you for playing! <3

1 July 2019

Welcome to The Abandoned Mine, @everyone! It's here, patch 1.8.0 brings a lot of new features. Take a look at the infographic, and don't forget to update the app!


28 June 2019

Oh yeah, it's time @everyone, pack your stuff and come to the trade party! We're finally releasing the beloved trading system so now is the time to exchange those valuables for a chunk of money!

To trade a player, simply tap on them to invite them to a trade. If they do the same with you, you can exchange stuff! :sunglasses:

You need to update your app, so head over to the app store to get the latest version. Not showing? Try to close the app store and then try again :)!

22 June 2019

Hi @everyone - we're going to be doing a small (server-only) update. You don't have to update your app from the asset store, as the game will update itself.

Name Changes After so many requests, we've added name changes to the store for 250 shards. This item will let you change your name into something else. Perfect for if you have the wrong name, or want to change it to match your clan.

Minor Improvements

- You now get a little message when you have filled your inventory, reminding you to bank/sell;
- Monster attacking can no longer be done by safespotting them;
- When the server is very busy, it will now properly stick to the frame rate instead of losing traction.


21 June 2019

Hey @everyone ! Me again. This time, we're announcing a new update that introduced the long-awaited feature: Banks!

You can store (and withdraw) your items from bank chests around the world. There are currently two: One at the spawn position, and the other at the merchant in winter wonderland.

We're also introducing a way to purchase and use shards, the currency you have seen on your inventories for ages. This currency lets you purchase non-pay-to-win utilities (and in the future, skins!) that make playing slightly more enjoyable.

Scroll of Rebirth A scroll, consumed when used, that teleports you to where you died up to 2 minutes after your death. Convenient to return where you came from if you happen to die.

Scroll of Returning A convenient scroll that lets you teleport back to the spawn position.

None of these items can be used in PvP.

Your purchases help us grow the game (and perhaps even pay for a second server, seeing that we may be needing it soon!) Thank you for your support <3

16 June 2019

It's yet that time again! Update 1.5.0 is here!

What's new?

- Two strong Fiends - Ice and Forest - have made their way into the world;
- Two brand-new powerful swords;
- The level cap has been increased to 85;
- Kill stealing has been disabled. Your monsters are yours.
- Scroll of Vitality: grants 25% extra potion effect for 10 minutes;
- You can now inspect items and their properties in your inventory;
- You can drop items you don't need or want to give away;
- Unavailable items won't show in your pickup button anymore;
- Your inventory can be sorted;
- Toast text sizing has been fixed;
- Icon of your sword now shows up in the attack button;
- Items no longer vanish if your inventory is full;
- HP regeneration when not in combat is now 10% of your max HP;
- You can now type /discord, /website, /patreon and /wiki for relevant websites;
- And lots of fixes and improvements!


12 June 2019

Alright @everyone - it's here! The shop has OPENED! Take out your coins and head to the Merchant right at the spawn point to purchase potions, or sell your useless items for a chunk of money!

Enjoy! :heart:

8 June 2019

A fix has been released to address the crash when drinking your last potion - be sure to update your game :)

8 June 2019

Hey @everyone! We're back with a game update!

This update sees the release of the long-awaited quick-access bar! For now, this bar holds only your potions (as those are the ones you'll frequently need), but in the future you can decide what's where. Hopefully this helps with grinding and Pvp!

We are also releasing brand new Mythan Armour! The same dangerous monsters who drop Mythan weapons now also drop Mythan Platebodies and Mythan Helms. They're rare, but you'll look awesome in that new gear!

We did a few other improvements to the game too, to make it more enjoyable:

- A small extra area north of spawn has been added to farm bats for potions;
- PvP hit detection has been improved;
- The respawn point has shifted upwards slightly;
- The game's lag has been fully removed;
- Health Flasks now heal 150HP;
- Mythan Weapons have been made more powerful;
- Leaving the Ice Spiders is possible again;

We hope you enjoy this update!

4 June 2019

Howdy @everyone! It's finally here - weapons and armour!

Discover various new weapons, varying from broken wooden swords to rare and powerful Mythan blades. Gear yourself with weak leather, or find stronger pieces of steel to protect yourself against enemies.

Most monsters around the world now drop equipment that you haven't obtained yet, and the Wasteland is the place to be to obtain the new and rare Mythan equipment!

We've also redesigned the player character as per your feedback. We hope this new style is what you had in mind!

Oh, and for those at level 75... good luck reaching 80! ;-)

7 May 2019

Hey @everyone - we're here with a small update that lets you reset your stats. Be sure to update the game first, then go to the stats panel to reset your stats for 20,000 gold.


2 May 2019

Hi @everyone - it's finally time! Update 1.2.0 is here, and it is big!

This update includes a new area, dangerous PvP, new creatures, new pets, level 75, various improvements, and the new character.

12 March 2019

Hey @everyone! A server update has just gone live that vastly improves the stat point system as well as combat in general!

Thank you for playing, The Curse of Aros team.

6 March 2019

Update 1.1.0 is here!

Skill Points This update brings all-new skill points that you can increase to make your character stronger, and unique in a way. We've reworked the way player-versus-player combat works as well as monster fighting.

- Attack makes you hit more often;
- Strength makes you hit harder;
- Defence makes your enemy miss more often;
- HP increases your maximum life points.

Every level you gain, you have two new skill points to spend. Choose carefully and build your perfect character!

To spend skill points, press your level in the top-left. A new interface will open up.

Difficulty We've made the game slightly harder, and monsters are a little stronger. The penalty for staying at low-level monsters is decreased so that you can train at monsters below your level for longer, and higher monsters give more XP and more gold than before. Whatever your training strategy is, it will very well be rewarded.

Item Ownership Angry because someone stole your potions? Upset because the Bat Orb was yours but that level 1 took it? No more! Items that are yours are only yours to take for 30 seconds, until others can pick them up. This gives you time to collect your loot without people bothering you. Items shown transparently are items that are not available for pick-up yet.

War Bat The War Bat has been revised to be stronger and more rewarding. You'll find it incredibly difficult to solo it, but the reward has increased a lot in both the gold way and the XP way. If you find a reliable partner, the War Bat (now level 35) is worth your potions again!

Level Cap: 70! The maximum level one can reach has been increased to 70 - adding 5 new levels to the grind. Those that were stuck on level 65 now have a new challenge to become the best build in the top rank. Soon we're releasing a big PvP update, so you'd better get training!

Optimizations The game client has been optimized an incredible lot. You will find better performance when moving through the map as well as near map edges. The game uses less memory, and less of your network bandwidth due to compression. For those who can play on their data: you'll use even less of your data and the game is still as smooth!

Patrons: Name Colors Those who support us on Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/godcoder) now have their names set in orange to wear the fact that they're helping Curse of Aros grow. Thank you so much for your support!

Staff Team Colors Members of staff now have their names set in red, to show that they're actually part of the team instead of pretending. People in red are people that can help you out!

Shards Shards are now shown in your inventory. What are shards, you may ask? You'll know soon enough. :)

Teaser: Shadowdune As we get closer to the release of a massive new area in Curse of Aros, we decided to add a little teaser: the entrance to Shadowdune! As seen previously in the teaser image, this gives you a little taste of what we're working on.

PS4 Controller Support We've added experimental PlayStation 4 controller support. It works best with a cable, as there's a bug in Android that makes the controller lag after 30 seconds. We're trying to find workarounds for that, but it'll be a tough one.

Fixes & Improvements Things that are noteworthy but don't deserve their own headline:

- Various bugs have been fixed in the network stack making crashes less common;
- A chat toggle has been added to hide the chat;
- Map zones that are out of view are removed from memory;
- Existing map zones are never resent;
- The camera background is now black;
- Interaction has been optimized;
- An issue with certain actions not coming in from the server upon login is fixed;
- The chatbox text has a slight horizontal offset;
- A message now shows up in the chatbox when you level up;

- A broadcast is added for when someone reaches the level cap;

- Black zone edge lines have been fixed.

As always, we appreciate your feedback, as this has only been possible with your help. If your bug is not on the list, we're still trying to fix it, or it is in the works. Stay tuned for the other fixes.

Thank you so much for playing. There is a lot to come (think items, PvP, Shadowdune...) in the near future.

23 Febuary 2019

Hey @everyone - time for a quick update announcement.

1.0.4 will be hitting the Play Store in a matter of minutes. Once that one is live, you're encouraged to update the app because the inventory bug has been fixed, as well as varius other fixes that were discovered (and fixed!) by the help of the community.

Thanks to everyone who have reported bugs. Even though not all of them are fixed, your reports are the easiest way for us to keep improving the game and making it more playable. <3

I will announce when the update has (seemingly) been processed :)

21 Febuary 2019

Alright @everyone - it's time for the patch notes that we already are aware of!

The game client has recently been updated with... not much. Or well, that's what it (should) seem like. What we have done is recreated the game client in a different game engine that (nicely) supports iOS, thus letting us release our game to both Android and iPhone at the same time!

Since iOS is a bit more strict in their release checks, updates may take a bit longer to be deployed as we will have to wait for iOS to complete their checking before we can update.

iOS is still very much being worked on, but our experiments have shown it works nicely! We will start officially spreading/releasing the iOS game once the client is a bit more stable and we iron out the remaining bugs.

For those curious what has really changed: we've mostly made slight visual edits, such as the outlines on various pieces of text and the positioning of some user interface pieces. We also added a new background to the main menu, and added a few handy buttons there.

In closing, here's a little teaser to show you that we haven't only been working on something you've barely noticed:


Thank you so much for playing Curse of Aros. We're happy to have you with us!

4 January 2019

We're updating really quick with a few changes:

- The Christmas decoration will be removed as Christmas has definitely passed now;
- Potion & flask drop rates on bats, forest bats, snow bats and snowmen have improved;
- Ice slimes now give more gold and XP;
- Snowmen give slightly more gold.

Although a small update, hopefully this improves the playability!

There is no app update needed. This is only a server restart.

Thank you for playing - as always!

23 December 2018

It's update time @everyone!

Curse of Aros 0.7.0 has been released with brand-new monsters, a whole new area to discover called Wintermist where Christmas can be experienced, and pets to collect!

You can access Wintermist by passing south of the slimes in eastern direction. But be careful, these new monsters are a bit tougher than you're used to! In fact, the Snowman is level 25 and quite a challenge if you're a lower-leveled player!

On top of this, the player level cap has been increased to 65 - adding 5 new levels to be gained. Good news for the top players!

On behalf of the crew, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

7 December 2018

Update 0.6.0 is out, and we see the release of pets!

Hurry to update through Google Play (you may have to wait a bit, it takes a bit longer for some people today) but fear not, once it is updated you can start collecting pets!

Pets are tiny companion creatures that accompany you wherever you go, and will never leave your side again. You can collect three pets:

- Pet Slime
- Pet Bat
- Pet Forest Bat

All of these pats are rare, but they each have a different way to obtain:

Pet Slime This pet is made by clicking on 10 slimes in your inventory, obtained from killing slimes. You'll also need 10,000 gold!

Pet Bat If you're very, very lucky, you may get a Bat Egg from bats! This egg can be hatched with 5,000 gold into a Pet Bat!

Pet Forest Bat The rarest pet of them al: the Pet Forest Bat. As a very rare drop from Forest Bats, you can get a Forest Bat Egg. This egg, together with 25,000 gold, is the way to obtain the rarest pet in the game. The perfect way to flex!

On top of these changes, we've also improved the network usage of the game by 97%! Apologies for the usage before, but we hope that it is now more acceptable. We will also keep improving upon this to make Curse of Aros playable on mobile internet connections, wherever you are!

We've also made the Forest Bat area a bit larger, to help you with farming. Enjoy!

4 December 2018

Patch Notes: Update 0.5.0 (dec. 04, 2018) Update 0.5.0 is a super exciting update that brings a lot of new features and mechanics to Curse of Aros. In this update, a large number of issues have been fixed and tweaks have been made to make the gameplay even better.

GOLD! Yep - it's finally here! GOLD. You can start collecting gold from monsters throughout Curse of Aros. Stronger monsters drop more gold, and some of the weakest monsters drop no gold. This is because want to make gold a valuable thing instead of something that will lose its real value in a week time. As it stands, you can not use your gold yet, and you will not lose it in any way, but rest assured: future updates will fully embrace gold as Curse of Aros' main currency!

Forest Bat (lv. 15) rework Forest Bats have had their graphics reworked and now look prettier than they used to. They're also a bit stronger, but in exchange they give more experience.. and they give gold! They can now be found in an entirely new zone just south of where the black bats are. Because their area has been taken by something else...

Ewwwww, slimes? If you like slimes, you're in luck. If not, you're still in luck, because you get to kill them. Where the Forest Bats used to roam, you will now find slimes sliding around. These new level 5 creatures don't drop gold, but are better experience than black bats. And who knows, maybe they even have something valuable...

Leveling Curve With this update, we've also revised the leveling curve. When you log in, you may notice that your level has been slightly reduced. Don't panic, because this has happened to everyone around you as well. We've made this change to account for future development as well as content that we want to release without everyone being at the "end game" phase. Your XP has not changed and no progression is lost! Your position in the highscores is still the very same. XP Penalty System On top of the changes made above, we're also adding a slightly less exciting mechanic, which will halve the experience for monsters that are much weaker than you. Why, you may ask? When testing out the new curve, we also noticed that there is no reason to fight stronger monsters if the weaker ones die quicker and yield more experience. Because we want bigger monsters to be more rewarding, we have chosen to adopt this mechanic. This currently does not apply to the War Bat and to the Forest Bat, as these are the only monsters high enough to train if you're long ahead of the rest.

Interaction System We're also adding a new system to Curse of Aros. As the world is evolving and new features are being added, we feel it might be a good step to add a way to interact with everything through a single button: the interaction button. For now, this is only for the War Bat entrance, but in the future, this button will be your best friend in a lot of situations. Player interaction, NPC dialogue, items.. a lot more!

New War Bat imagery We're graphically reworked the War Bat, and we're excited to announce that the area is undergoing rework too and may have a complete overhaul through December.

Health Replenishing When you're not in combat, you will now gain a chunk of health to help you prepare for the next encounter. This will only be if you're not in combat, which includes fighting and being under attack. No more potion stress! :)

Attack Animations All the monsters in Curse of Aros have been given attack animations too, to let you immerse more into your fight. You can see when they attack you, and the visual bug with your damage markers not showing bright enough is also fixed!

Main Menu We've added two buttons the the main menu: one for Reddit, one for Discord. These buttons hopefully will attract more players to our social media channels.

Bug fixes and tweaks On top of these exciting novelties, here is a brief list of the fixes and improvements we've made throughout past week:

- NPCs are now reset when they haven't been in combat for a bit;
- Creatures have been tuned to match the new leveling curve;
- Items are now automatically removed;
- A bug with hit markers not showing bright is fixed;
- The War Bat now resets once people leave the dungeon;
- Double logins from the main menu are now fixed;
- The player 'catapult' bug has been fixed;
- Players no longer show as level 1 if they're not;
- Monsters now give their full XP (a last hit would sometimes not be included);
- Your playtime is from this update onwards tracked - this will soon be visible too;
- Overhead labels are rendered more tightly now;
- Movement animations have been tweaked;
As always, update your game to experience what's new:
Thank you, @everyone, for playing Curse of Aros!

27 November 2018

Patch notes: Update 0.4.1 (nov. 27, 2018) Release 0.4.1 fixes a few minor issues and a few enhancements to the game.

- The PvP area has been readded and kills will now appear in #events; 
- The chatbox can be scrolled and is no longer buggy;
- Negative hits when respawning are removed;
- The names above players and NPCs are more compact;
- A brief delay is added after teleporting to avoid entering the same portal again;
- The main menu has been slightly reworked;
- Damage that you deal shows up brighter than damge dealt by other players;
- You can no longer walk on water.

The update can be downloaded from the Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitgate.curseofaros

Thank you for playing Curse of Aros.; )

26 November 2018

Patch notes: Update 0.4.0 (nov. 26, 2018) Update 0.4.0 is focussed around improving the playability as well as a bunch of new content.

What's new?

- A chatbox for you to talk to your friends (and foes);
- Display names to let you identity yourself;
- A new boss: the War Bat. This boss will require a Bat Key, obtained from Bats at a 10% drop chance;
- A new zone with brand-new Forest Bat monsters that will give more XP than normal bats;
- XP sharing (no more kill stealing!) - the more damage you do, the more XP you get;
- Various fixes to the game to improve playability.

Note: You will need to update from the Play Store before playing! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitgate.curseofaros

As always, thank you for trying out Curse of Aros!

21 November 2018

Patch notes: Update 0.3.0 (nov. 21, 2018) Update 0.3.0 brings various new features for you to try! On top of a bunch of new things, some issues have also been fixed.

What's new?

- Items! You can pick up the potions that bats drop, and use them to heal 20 HP per use. Stay safe!
- Leveling! Gaining experience now works properly, and you can level up! Your level is shown in the top-left corner. The higher your level, the slower you level up.
- PvP! The stone square on the east of the map is dangerous - inside the stone square, others can attack you! You lose nothing when you die, so why not see who's stronger?
- More bats! The bats in the hallway path are removed, and are now placed - in the north-east map corner (and they're with more!)

What has been fixed?

- An issue with progress resetting has been fixed. Your account will be logged out properly before you log in.
- A few minor display issues have been fixed.

Thank you for trying out Curse of Aros - we'd love to hear your feedback!

This is the start of Game updates in Curse of Aros :D