Angry Carrot

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Angry Carrot
Angry Carrot.gif
Melee XP1000
Gold1000 gold
Attack speed second(s)
Respawn time20 second(s)
FoundIn Easter island

Angry Carrot can be found at the Easter island. It drops 2022 easter event items. There's a small chance of blessing the world with a 50% combat exp boost when you kill him.


As you enter the area you automatically equip a carrot launcher which deals ranged damage. (This is a forced weapon and looks identical to the carrot launcher item)

He will randomly spawn carrot bombs around him that explode and kill you instantly.

A bomb summoned by the Angry Carrot that will kill you instantly if hit.

You don’t lose any exp on death when killed by this boss.



Item Quantity Rarity
Hammer m.png Hammer1Common
Bronze Pickaxe m.png Bronze Pickaxe1Common
Steel Pickaxe m.png Steel Pickaxe1Common
Crimsteel Pickaxe m.png Crimsteel Pickaxe1Common
Steel Platebody m.png Steel Platebody1Common
Rusty Steel Sword m.png Rusty Steel Sword1Common
Sharper Steel Sword m.png Sharper Steel Sword1Common
Candy m.png Candy1Common
Scroll of Accuracy m.png Scroll of Accuracy1Common
Cobalt Sword m.png Cobalt Sword1Uncommon
Lollipop m.png Lollipop1Uncommon
Candy Cane m.png Candy Cane1Uncommon
Elder Ice Staff m.png Elder Ice Staff1Uncommon
Carrot Launcher m.png Carrot Launcher1Rare
Carrotproof Helmet m.png Carrotproof Helmet1Rare
Carrotproof Vest m.png Carrotproof Vest1Rare
Egg Ring m.png Egg Ring1Rare


Item Quantity Rarity
Baby Carrot Pet m.png Baby Carrot Pet1Very rare
Suspicious Rabbit Pet m.png Suspicious Rabbit Pet1Very rare