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Hitpoints (hp) indicates the level of health remaining for a specific monster or player. The player's health is visualized with the help of a health bar and a number value, positioned on top of the players health bar. If the value drops down to 0, the player will die.

Basic information

  • Increased max-hp is achieved by leveling your character. Each level will give you an additional max health of +10hp, and every stat point added into hitpoints will make you gain an additional +25hp.
  • Health regeneration is activated when the player has not been in combat for a while. The rate of the regeneration is the same for all players and sits at 10hp/4seconds.
  • Health potions are used to instantly regenerate health. The small potions will heal 30hp, health flasks will give you 100hp, and the Flask of Life will give you 450hp.
  • Scrolls and Relics are used in various situations. Scroll of Vitality increases healing of potions, Scroll of Rejuvenation heals you for x amount every x seconds, and Relics of Healing increase healing effects.