Easter 2021 Update

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The nightmare Bunny has struck again and wants all your chocolate... At least he's gifting you this time.

This update added a few new event items into the game for the holiday! A greedy Easter Nightmare wants all of your Chocolate Coins! Giving him these coins will level up your progress in the event. 70 different levels were added with a bunch of cool rewards. Every 10 levels you receive a special event gift for reaching that trophy level!

The UI showing each of the events milestones.

Monsters that are close to your level or higher will be able to drop the Chocolate Coin, which can be redeemed to progress through the events tiers. You will need 2415 Chocolate Coins or 2760 Shards to progress and complete this event from level 1-70. (List of event Milestone rewards below)

Event Milestones / Event Rewards

Non-milestone levels will grant you some Gold, some Combat XP and a random amount of Flask of Life m.png Flask of Life

The only tradable event item this update is the 16px Egg Head.

You can also skip levels for 40 Shards instead of 35 Chocolate Coins.

Event Level Reward Chocolate coins Used
10 16px Bunny Blade, Flask of Life m.png Flask of Life 315 16px Chocolate Coins
20 Chick Yellow Pet, Flask of Life m.png Flask of Life 665 16px Chocolate Coins
30 16px Carrot Sword, Flask of Life m.png Flask of Life 1015 16px Chocolate Coins
40 16px Carrot Dagger, Flask of Life m.png Flask of Life 1365 16px Chocolate Coins
50 Chick Green Pet, Flask of Life m.png Flask of Life 1715 16px Chocolate Coins
60 16px Galactic Twin, Flask of Life m.png Flask of Life 2065 16px Chocolate Coins
70 16px Egg Head, Easter Nightmare Pet, Flask of Life m.png Flask of Life 2415 16px Chocolate Coins


Remember last year’s Feaster Bunny, everyone? Sure you do, as do we. Though, not much is left of what once was the Feaster Bunny, as his eating habits got out of hand and we’re now stuck with an Easter Nightmare!

This time, we’ve done a different event where you can fight your normal routine, killing monsters but collect Chocolate Coins during your grind! You don’t have to sacrifice sacred Grind Hours to participate, but it goes hand in hand!

To get started, simply fight monsters that are either above or close to your level to gather Chocolate Coins. Feed them to the Easter Nightmare to earn Easter XP. At every 10 levels, you unlock a new Prize which gets you a unique reward!


- The Curse of Aros Team