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Sandstone m.png
"A chunk of workable sandstone from the desert."
ObtainedMining or digging Mounds in Shadowdune
merchant price345

Sandstone is a material obtained from mining or digging Mounds in Shadowdune. Mining it gives 1,100 mining exp.

Used In

Weaving Table

Level Name Items Required XP Merchant Price
30 Magnetic Charge m.png Magnetic Charge 2xMagnetite m.png Magnetite 1xSilver Bar m.png Silver Bar 1xSandstone m.png Sandstone 250 18,000
60 Desert Raptor Gloves m.png Desert Raptor Gloves 50xDesert Raptor Hide m.png Desert Raptor Hide 50xThread m.png Thread 8xSilver Bar m.png Silver Bar 10xSandstone m.png Sandstone 1,000 16,200
75 Cactus Gloves m.png Cactus Gloves 50xCactus Cloth m.png Cactus Cloth 50xThread m.png Thread 10xSandstone m.png Sandstone 10xVaraxite Bar m.png Varaxite Bar 5xMagnetite m.png Magnetite ??? 39,000


Level Name Items Required XP Merchant Price
10 Refined Sand m.png Refined Sand 4xSandstone m.png Sandstone 2xCoal m.png Coal 95 120
40 Sandstone Shield m.png Sandstone Shield 14xSandstone m.png Sandstone 5xCrimsteel Bar m.png Crimsteel Bar 820 960