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Shadowdune is a vast desert with shadows learing in the horizon.

The map of Shadowdune!!
Shadowdune Sneakpeak

This area is now accessible and ready to be stormed by the many inhabitants of Aros. Beware! Further into the desert is a powerful force!

To enter Shadowdune you have to be level 30+ in 1 or more of these areas


The desert contains many different combat and skilling areas.

  • Bosses waiting to be discovered and killed.
  • Monsters all around for you to destroy.
  • Palm Trees scattered around the desert ready to be chopped.
  • Sandstone and Black salt veins ready to be mined.
  • Fish to be caught and all fish including big fish be cooked!

and so much more!

Big fish cooking requires larger fish and black salt and can be done in town where the grill is located. There is also a separate merchant and bank chest located in the town as well.

Mounds can be found all around and dug up with Spades to gather many great rewards!

Ancient Trees and Infernal Eruptions randomly spawn in Shadowdune. These can reward you with many different skilling items and rarely a unique reward!


The following monsters can be found there:

Can be found in The Tomb of Shadowdune:

Can be found in Crypts of Nydarax:



Shows all skilling nodes in Shadowdune!


The following Trees can be found there:

Ore Veins

The following Ore Veins can be found:

Fishing Spots

The only bait found in Shadowdune is the Sandworm m.png Sandworm. The following Fishing Spots can be found there:


Alchemy is currently Unavailable, but coming soon!

  • Flowers are scattered around Shadowdune but when you interact with them, they display this message. " Coming soon - Alchemy! "