Disdained Venomling

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Disdained Venomling
Disdained Venomling m.gif
Melee XP15,000
Gold850 gold
Attack speed second(s)
Respawn time10 second(s)
Foundon the 5th floor of the Crypts of Nydarax

Disdain Venomling are found on the 5th floor of the Crypts of Nydarax. Their attacks will inflict you with the Poison effect which can be cured with a Anti-Poison Serum m.png Anti-Poison Serum.



Item Quantity Rarity
Flask of Life m.png Flask of Life3-7Common
Spider Web m.png Spider Web1Common
Spider Carapace m.png Spider Carapace1Common
Key to 'Disdain' m.png Key to 'Disdain'1Uncommon
Mysterious Artifact m.png Mysterious Artifact1Uncommon