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Ember, The Smithing Pet
Ember Smithing Pet sm.gif
"A living flame, obeying their master."

Ember is a flame that's alive! You can unlock Ember from Smithing. Unlike the combat pets, skilling pets level from doing their corresponding skill categories, this one being artisan skills. Skilling pets benefit you while training skills instead of attacking monsters. The higher level Ember is, the rate at which you smith items will be slightly increased and a slightly increased chance of obtaining an extra relic while crafting them.

The pet will appear in your inventory when unlocked and you will receve the message "You feel something sneak into your inventory..." When you unlock the pet it will also broadcast a server message stating "[playername] has unlocked Ember, the Smithing Pet!".

Obtained from


  • Increased Smithing Speed dependent on Ember's level
  • A Chance to create an extra relic from one log. This chance increases as Ember's level increases