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Crafting is one of the seven Skills in Curse of Aros. The Crafting skill is a resource making skill which doesn't require any kind of combat or fighting. You will earn crafting-experience by making different relics, which are made from logs gathered in the Woodcutting skill.

This map contains the locations of all the trees that can be cut in Curse of Aros, which give the logs needed to make the relics.

A list of available relics and the required Crafting-level needed to make them:

Relic Crafting

Relics are a consumable item that can be used to boost certain things. You can only equip 3 different types of relic at the same time. Relics can all be made from wood and are relatively easy to make. Relic effects are always active while equipped unless specified by that relic. Relic usage is (Relic Usage Rate)/100 Chance to be used while doing the action specified by the relic.

Crafting Requirement Relic Logs Required XP for Crafting Merchant Price Relic Effect Relic Usage Rate
Relic of Accuracy m.png Relic of Accuracy
1xPine Logs m.png Pine Logs
Increases Accuracy Against Monsters by 5%
Relic of Guarding m.png Relic of Guarding
1xDead Logs m.png Dead Logs
Increases Defence Against Monsters by 5%
Relic of Healing m.png Relic of Healing
1xBirch Logs m.png Birch Logs
Increases Effectiveness of Potions by 10%
Relic of Wealth m.png Relic of Wealth
1xApplewood m.png Applewood
Increases Gold Dropped from Monsters by 5%
Relic of Power m.png Relic of Power
1xWillow Logs m.png Willow Logs
Increases Rate of Critical Hits by 5%
Relic of Nature m.png Relic of Nature
1xOak Logs m.png Oak Logs
Increases Gathering Skill Efficiency
Relic of Fire m.png Relic of Fire
1xChestnut Logs m.png Chestnut Logs
Reduces Burn Damage by 10%
Relic of Damage m.png Relic of Damage
1xMaple Logs m.png Maple Logs
Increases Strength Against Monsters by 5%
Relic of Leeching m.png Relic of Leeching
1xOlive Logs m.png Olive Logs
7% Chance to Heal 15% of Damage You Dealt to a Monster That Hit
When Triggered
Relic of Experience m.png Relic of Experience
1xMaple Logs m.png Maple Logs 1x Olive Logs m.png Olive Logs
Increases XP Gained from Combat by 5%
Cursed Relic m.png Cursed Relic
2xPalm Wood m.png Palm Wood
Decreases cursed damage by 50%

Rod Crafting

Rods are equipment items that are placed in the main hand and are used to catch fish. High tier rods allow for better catching of fish. Rods can be crafted at the rod workbench, which is beside the task board in Brightleaf. Rods are made using one log and reel. Reels can be made by smithing. Rods also have a fishing level requirement to use them.

Crafting Requirement Rod Items Required XP for Crafting Merchant Price Fishing Level
1 Bronze Rod m.png Bronze Rod 1xBronze Reel m.png Bronze Reel 1xPine Logs m.png Pine Logs 5 75 1
10 Iron Rod m.png Iron Rod 1xIron Reel m.png Iron Reel 1xDead Logs m.png Dead Logs 20 450 10
20 Steel Rod m.png Steel Rod 1xSteel Reel m.png Steel Reel 1xBirch Logs m.png Birch Logs 50 825 20
30 Crimsteel Rod m.png Crimsteel Rod 1xCrimsteel Reel m.png Crimsteel Reel 1xApplewood m.png Applewood 125 2,100 30
50 Mythan Rod m.png Mythan Rod 1xMythan Reel m.png Mythan Reel 1xChestnut Logs m.png Chestnut Logs 500 36,000 50
60 Cobalt Rod m.png Cobalt Rod 1xCobalt Reel m.png Cobalt Reel 1xMaple Logs m.png Maple Logs 1,000 78,000 60
70 Varaxite Rod m.png Varaxite Rod 1xVaraxite Reel m.png Varaxite Reel 1xOlive Logs m.png Olive Logs 1,500 96,000 70
85 Ancient Rod m.png Ancient Rod 1xAncient Reel m.png Ancient Reel 1xPalm Wood m.png Palm Wood 30,000 450,000 95

Weaving Table Crafting

The weaving table is a table that is at Brightleaf spawn used to craft upgrades to the Soulgazer and different gloves.

Crafting Requirement Name Items Required XP for Crafting Merchant Price
30 Magnetite Charge m.png Magnetite Charge 2xMagnetite m.png Magnetite 1xSilver Bar m.png Silver Bar 1xSandstone m.png Sandstone 250 18,000
45 Scorpion Gloves m.png Scorpion Gloves 2xEmerald m.png Emerald x50xThread m.png Thread 15xScorpion Stinger m.png Scorpion Stinger 100xBug Carcass m.png Bug Carcass 500 1,827
45 Soulgazer S2 m.png Soulgazer S2 1xSoulgazer S1 m.png Soulgazer S1 15xCollected Soul m.png Collected Soul 5,000 115,500
55 Raptor Gloves m.png Raptor Gloves 50xRaptor Hide m.png Raptor Hide 50xThread m.png Thread 10xSilver Bar m.png Silver Bar 750 9,900
60 Desert Raptor Gloves m.png Desert Raptor Gloves 50xDesert Raptor Hide m.png Desert Raptor Hide 50xThread m.png Thread 8xSilver Bar m.png Silver Bar 10xSandstone m.png Sandstone 1,000 16,200
70 Ice Raptor Gloves m.png Ice Raptor Gloves 50xIce Raptor Hide m.png Ice Raptor Hide 50xThread m.png Thread 100xIce Crystal m.png Ice Crystal 8xSilver Bar m.png Silver Bar 1,500 28,110
70 Soulgazer S3 m.png Soulgazer S3 1xSoulgazer S2 m.png Soulgazer S2 30xCollected Soul m.png Collected Soul 10,000 115,500
75 Cactus Gloves m.png Cactus Gloves 100xCactus Chunk m.png Cactus Chunk 50xThread m.png Thread 10xSandstone m.png Sandstone 10xVaraxite Bar m.png Varaxite Bar 5xMagnetite m.png Magnetite Uncraftable 39,000
80 Soulgazer S4 m.png Soulgazer S4 1xSoulgazer S3 m.png Soulgazer S3 60xCollected Soul m.png Collected Soul 15,000 115,500