Cactus Chunk

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Cactus Chunk
Cactus Chunk m.png
"A chunk of a cactus."
ObtainedDrops from various monsters
merchant price120

A Cactus Chunk is an item dropped by Cactus Soldiers and Spinus. It is used to craft Cactus Gloves.

Dropped By

Used In

Level Equipment Material required XP for Crafting Sells for
40 Cactus Cloth m.png Cactus Cloth 2xCactus Chunk m.png Cactus Chunk 1xThread m.png Thread 6 240
75 Cactus Gloves m.png Cactus Gloves 50xCactus Cloth m.png Cactus Cloth 50xThread m.png Thread 10xSandstone m.png Sandstone 10xVaraxite Bar m.png Varaxite Bar 5xMagnetite m.png Magnetite 39,000