Umbra, Guardian of Varaxis

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Umbra, Guardian of Varaxis
Umbra, Guardian of Varaxis m.gif
Melee XP24,000
Gold10,000 gold
Attack speed??? second(s)
Respawn time60 second(s)
FoundIn the Umbra's Lair, Northeast of Varaxis Town square.

Umbra, Guardian of Varaxis is a Boss that can be found in Umbra's Lair. Umbra drops many different Boss Parts that can be crafted into very powerful level 90 armor at 70 smithing. (This armor is untradeable after crafting)


Umbra has a total of three phases and rages twice in between them.

  • Phase 1:

Umbra shoots dragon fire slowly that stays on the ground and can cause 100 Burn damage for a total of 1,500.

  • Rage 1:

A 5x5 grid of dragon fire is released on the ground that does 250 Burn damage for a total of 5,000.

  • Phase 2:

Umbra shoots dragon fire faster than phase 1 which has a higher chance of causing 250 burn damage for a total of 5,000.

  • Rage 2:

A huge 7x7 grid of dragon fire released on the ground that does 300 Burn damage for a total of 6,000.

  • Stage 3:

The final stage. Umbra shoots dragon fire much faster than phase 2 that has a high chance of causing 300 Burn damage for a total of 6,000.


  • Umbra drops 2 items upon death.


Item Quantity Rarity
Health Flask m.png Health Flask150-450Common
Flask of Life m.png Flask of Life35-80Common
Prison Key m.png Prison Key2-10Common
Lollipop m.png Lollipop1-3Uncommon


Item Quantity Rarity
Scroll of Vitality m.png Scroll of Vitality3-9Uncommon
Scroll of Accuracy m.png Scroll of Accuracy3-9Uncommon
Scroll of Power m.png Scroll of Power3-9Uncommon
Scroll of Protection m.png Scroll of Protection3-9Uncommon
Scroll of Rejuvenation m.png Scroll of Rejuvenation3-9Uncommon
Scroll of Deflection m.png Scroll of Deflection3-9Uncommon


Item Quantity Rarity
Mythan Sword m.png Mythan Sword1Uncommon
Mythan Pickaxe m.png Mythan Pickaxe1Uncommon
Varaxite Sword m.png Varaxite Sword1Uncommon
Saving Grace m.png Saving Grace1Uncommon
Mythan Spade m.png Mythan Spade1Uncommon
Elder Fire Staff m.png Elder Fire Staff1Uncommon

Boss Parts

Item Quantity Rarity
Dragon Scale m.png Dragon Scale2-15Uncommon
Dragon Claw m.png Dragon Claw1Very rare
Dragon Horn m.png Dragon Horn1Very rare
Dragon Eye m.png Dragon Eye1Very rare


Item Quantity Rarity
Umbra Pet m.png Umbra Pet1Very rare

Tertiary Drop

This can be obtained as an extra item roll rarely from all monsters. They will only drop if the monster is near your level (bosses not included)

Item Quantity Rarity
Candy m.png Candy1Uncommon
Lollipop m.png Lollipop1Uncommon