Mythan Spade

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Mythan Spade
Mythan Spade m.png
"A handy tool for digging through soil and sand."
ObtainedCan be dropped and crafted.
merchant price7,500

The Mythan Spade is a spade that allows digging Mounds to retrieve items. It has the lower chance of breaking than Crimsteel Spade when used.

Crafted by

Dropped by

Mound Drops

Item Quantity Rarity
Blue Key m.png Blue Key1Common
Green Key m.png Green Key1Common
Gold Nugget m.png Gold Nugget1Common
Desert Raptor Hide m.png Desert Raptor Hide1Common
Applewood m.png Applewood1Common
Sandstone m.png Sandstone1Common
Salt m.png Salt1Common
Spider Silk m.png Spider Silk1Common
Bug Carcass m.png Bug Carcass1Common
Sandworm m.png Sandworm1Common
Scorpion Stinger m.png Scorpion Stinger1Common
Relic of Power m.png Relic of Power1Uncommon
Relic of Wealth m.png Relic of Wealth1Uncommon
Relic of Nature m.png Relic of Nature1Uncommon
Relic of Leeching m.png Relic of Leeching1Uncommon
Relic of Experience m.png Relic of Experience1Uncommon
Ruby m.png Ruby1Uncommon
Sapphire m.png Sapphire1Uncommon
Arosite m.png Arosite1Uncommon
Emerald m.png Emerald1Uncommon

Note: It's possible to get nothing.