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Arosite m.png
"A bright purple glimmering gem, valued highly by tradesmen."
ObtainedIn Meteorite crashes.
merchant price60,000

Arosite is a variety of Gems can be found in Meteorite crashes that occur once every 20 to 45 minutes or It can be obtained by killing Arosite Scarabs.

Arosite is required to create Golden Arosite Equipment, which can be made at Smithing Level 40.

Required to obtain:

Level Equipment Bars required XP for forging Sells for
35 Arosite Necklace m.png Arosite Necklace 4xArosite m.png Arosite 4xSilver Bar m.png Silver Bar 4,080 270
40 Ring of Treasure m.png Ring of Treasure 2xGold Bar m.png Gold Bar 1xRuby m.png Ruby 1xSapphire m.png Sapphire 1xArosite m.png Arosite 20,000 280,000
40 Arosite Sword m.png Arosite Sword 3xGold Bar m.png Gold Bar 3xArosite m.png Arosite 60,000 480,000
40 Arosite Platebody m.png Arosite Platebody 5xGold Bar m.png Gold Bar 2xArosite m.png Arosite 100,000 560,000
40 Arosite Helm m.png Arosite Helm 8xGold Bar m.png Gold Bar 4xArosite m.png Arosite 80,000 960,000
50 Battle Necklace m.png Battle Necklace 4xGold Bar m.png Gold Bar 4xArosite m.png Arosite 4xRuby m.png Ruby 4xMagnetite m.png Magnetite 4xEmerald m.png Emerald 45,000 270