Rock Demon

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Rock Demon
Rock Demon m.gif
Melee XP10,000
Gold4,000 gold
Attack speed1.5 second(s)
Respawn timeN/A second(s)
FoundIn the Abandoned Mine's

The Rock Demon is a Boss found in the Abandoned Mine's and has a small percent chance of spawning when a player kills a Rock fiend.


At various points during the fight, the Rock Demon will begin soaking damage. All attacks done to him at this point will be returned as one hit back to the player when the soaking ends, potentially dealing thousands of damage to a single player. The boss also can spawn minions ( Rock fiends ) to help it fight.



Item Quantity Rarity
Health Flask m.png Health Flask50-100Common
Flask of Life m.png Flask of Life10-25Common


Item Quantity Rarity
Scroll of Vitality m.png Scroll of Vitality2-5Uncommon
Scroll of Rejuvenation m.png Scroll of Rejuvenation2-5Uncommon
Scroll of Protection m.png Scroll of Protection2-5Uncommon
Scroll of Accuracy m.png Scroll of Accuracy2-5Uncommon
Scroll of Power m.png Scroll of Power2-5Uncommon
Scroll of Deflection m.png Scroll of Deflection2-5Uncommon


Item Quantity Rarity
Amulet of Focus m.png Amulet of Focus1Uncommon
Cobalt Pickaxe m.png Cobalt Pickaxe1Uncommon
Deadrock Helm m.png Deadrock Helm1Rare
Deadrock Body m.png Deadrock Body1Rare
Deadrock Legs m.png Deadrock Legs1Rare
Deadrock Boots m.png Deadrock Boots1Rare
Deadrock Gauntlets m.png Deadrock Gauntlets1Rare
Deadrock Shield m.png Deadrock Shield1Rare


Item Quantity Rarity
Rock Fiend Pet m.png Rock Fiend Pet1Very rare

Tertiary Drop

This can be obtained as an extra item roll rarely from all monsters. They will only drop if the monster is near your level (bosses not included)

Item Quantity Rarity
Candy m.png Candy1Uncommon
Lollipop m.png Lollipop1Uncommon