Pumpkin Elite

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Pumpkin Elite
Pumpkin Elite m.gif
Melee XP2400
Gold450 gold
Attack speed1.7 second(s)
Respawn time24 Minute(s) or 1440 second(s)
FoundIn Brightleaf, Wintermist, and Varaxis

The Pumpkin Elite is the second most common exclusive monster in the 2020 CoA Halloween event. It can drop tricks and treats and sweets when killed!


Drops 1 item on death

Event Exclusive Item(s)

Item Quantity Rarity
Bag of Tricks m.png Bag of Tricks1Common
Bag of Sweets m.png Bag of Sweets1Uncommon
Magic Bag of Treats m.png Magic Bag of Treats1Rare