Bag of Tricks

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Bag of Tricks
Bag of Tricks m.png
"Happy Halloween! Open the bag for a reward."
ObtainedPumpkin Soldier and Pumpkin Elite
0 Gold

The Bag of Tricks is the most common Halloween bag in the 2020 CoA Halloween event. It can give rewards when opened.


Item Quantity Rarity
Health Flask m.png Health Flask1Common
Flask of Life m.png Flask of Life1Common
Scroll of Vitality m.png Scroll of Vitality1Common
Silver Ore m.png Silver Ore1Common
Ruby m.png Ruby1Uncommon
Sapphire m.png Sapphire1Uncommon
Arosite m.png Arosite1Uncommon
16px Pumplet1Uncommon
16px PumpKing Shield1Rare
16px PumpKing Helm1Rare
16px PumpKing Sword1Very rare

Note: It is possible to receive nothing from this bag.