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Recent Updates

This list contains the 3 most recent content updates!

2 April 2021

The nightmare Bunny has struck again and wants all your chocolate... At least he's gifting you this time.

Remember last year’s Feaster Bunny, everyone? Sure you do, as do we. Though, not much is left of what once was the Feaster Bunny, as his eating habits got out of hand and we’re now stuck with an Easter Nightmare!

This time, we’ve done a different event where you can fight your normal routine, killing monsters but collect Chocolate Coins during your grind! You don’t have to sacrifice sacred Grind Hours to participate, but it goes hand in hand!

To get started, simply fight monsters that are either above or close to your level to gather Chocolate Coins. Feed them to the Easter Nightmare to earn Easter XP. At every 10 levels, you unlock a new Prize which gets you a unique reward!


- The Curse of Aros Team

28 January 2021

New Resources that were added into the HR-PVP area.

New Gauntlets

To further expand the possible set of gloves, we've added a bunch of new gloves to the game ranging all the way from Bronze gauntlets to Varaxite gauntlets. But it doesn't stop there, as you can also obtain Deadrock Gauntlets, Umbral Gauntlets, and Glacial Gauntlets!

HR-PvP Resources

To deliver more incentive to the High-Risk PvP zone, we've added a number of higher-tiered resources to the deeper part of the HR zone. Stay safe!

X-mas Removal

Unfortunately, it's time for Based Santa to go home and with him has gone the spirit of Christmas. 'til next year, everyone!

- The Curse of Aros Team

22 December 2020

Based Santa surrounded by his minions.

" Scratch pad noises Ayyyy you already know who it is everyone!

No, no, not Santa, no c'mon, don't you see? It's me, Based Santa, Santa's little brother. Got -6 followers on SoundCloud. Smh my head.

Alright so, Santa been away busy and stuff and I sorta let out these things, uh, nightmare fuel lookin' things. If you don't mind, hop on and help me deal with this, mkay? I could use a hand. Yeah yeah there's something in it for you too. Dunno, got some outfits of a Grinch-looking thing I hit in my V12 Sleighborghini. Oh, also got some snow... Just keep your mouth shut to Santa 'cos he'll be breaking me."