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Welcome to the Curse of Aros Wiki!


Ways to play the game!

Normal Mode

Best for New or Returning Players.

Experience Curse of Aros with no restrictions. Completely free to play.

Trade freely with other players, grow stronger, and train your skills.

Lone Wolf

The Ultimate Challenge Gamemode

Play Curse of Aros without any help from others:

  • No Trading
  • No Party Forming
  • Must do 50% Damage to Monsters to get drops (Bosses Not Included)
  • Genie is disabled

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Featured Updates

List of Current Featured Updates

31 October 2023

Happy Halloween!

Ghostbusting Season

- So, what's a Halloween event without killing things? Right, not a Halloween event. But this time, it's not in your hands, as the enemy you're up against is quite hard to hit: ghosts. So to solve that, you're teaming up with the other dark side (yeah there's two) and will be building yourself some brave, emotionally-unstable soldiers, made from Pumpkins and some Luminant Souls. These bad boys will take to battle for you, and guess what? Loot's all yours!

So, to hit the ground running, here's how to participate:

- 1. Harvest a Pumpkin in the grassy fields, just south of the spawn hub;
- 2. Kill and Skill until you've obtained 50 Luminant Souls (any monster or XP activity drops them);
- 3. Take the Spider-Express cart (south of the anvil and furnace) to the event zone;
- 4. Walk over to the East, and interact with one of the Scarecrows scattered there;
- 5. Choose one of the moods you're in (it's okay to lie) and watch it come to life;
- 6. Wait for your brave unit to decimate a ghost with determination;
- 7. Grab the Lootkin that's dropped, it has your reward inside!

There's a total of 5 rewards you can obtain:

- 1. Bionic Skull
- 2. Bionic Ribcage (chestpiece)
- 3. Bionic Limbs (legpiece)
- 4. Scream Mask (rare!)
- 5. a Lootling pet

New Cosmetics

- While this round isn't the most jam-packed with cosmetics as we spent 99% of our effort on the event's gameplay, we do have a few new ones for you to obtain. They're going live within the hour, so keep an eye out, if you want brains!

Support for emoji bubbles

- In anticipation of quite a few major changes hitting Curse of Aros in a few years or something idk lmao soon ™️, we've added a new emoji-bubble system that we're trialing with this update. Reason for the system is a more immersive experience where we want to have NPCs be more dynamic in their behaviour. On top of that, this system could allow for player-to-player interactions (such as buttons for quick expressions or, when the hardest two-player boss lands as part of the "Lava Update", possibly battle callouts to make teamwork easier..) You'll see more of this system over time as we implement it in various pieces of content.

World Selector overhaul

- We've given some love to the world list, in particular style-wise, but also with a new feature that's going live this week. The new world selection interface will begin showing what world is boosted, giving you a visual indicator of where your grind is most fruitful, if maximising XP-per-hour is your ultimate goal.

Smithing Gauntlets

- You can now smith Mythan and Gold gauntlets, on top of the previously existing metal tiers. These were missing before, but have now made their way into the game and as such can be obtained for gear presets.


- The scrolls you've grown to love have had a make-over. Or well, a bit more than just that: they're potions. The reason for this change is that, as we near the release of Alchemy, these items will find their new use within the wide range of tens (or close to a hundred) of different potions that Alchemy will bring. While it may take a bit to get used to the visual change, we believe that once you're over that hurdle, Alchemy is going to come in like a breath of fresh air, with all sorts of unique potions for you to try, brew, and ruin.