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Chat Commands are a form of command that you can type into the chat to show different info and do different things. Chat commands always start with a /. This is a list of the current chat commands in the game!

  • /help - Shows all helpful commands.
  • /update - Checks if you game is up to date!
  • /discord - Lets you join the games offical discord.
  • /website - Opens the games website containing highscores and links.
  • /wiki - Opens this website!
  • /patreon - Brings you to the patreon site for info on Upcoming Updates.
  • /players - Shows the amount of players online in your server and the world number.
  • /names - Shows all the in-game ranks.
  • /tasks or /task - Shows your current Tasks and Boss tasks, also shows your progress towards completing them.
  • /Killcount or /kc - Shows how many of each monster you have killed. This includes bosses!
  • /invite "player name" - Invites a certain player to your party.
  • /party Shows the number of players in the party and their current level in chat box.
  • /p - Let's you talk into the party you are in.
  • "~" or "`" - Let's you see different information about your device such as fps.