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Wiki FAQ

Questions asked about the wiki

Question Answer
When will new updates come out? Updates don't have a specific time frame for when they will come out. So it is best to stay patient and wait for the developer to release the update.
Why are there pages on the wiki with red/invalid links? Those links are pages that arent created yet as the wiki is still a work in progress. The wiki team edits every day and we will do our best to make pages for those links.
Why are the wiki prices of items different than the ingame values? The wiki prices on items are the amount of gold you get for selling to the merchant and not players
Why is monster damage listed on the wiki different than the damage they do to me? The monster damage listed on the wiki is the max hit a monster can deal to a player.

Factors that change this are:

  • 1). Monsters attack in a range of damage that can result in different damage amounts to the player.
  • 2). Stat points in defence reduce the damage monsters deal to the player.

In-game FAQ

Questions asked in-game

How do I get gear/better gear? Some monsters drop gear, you can also buy gear from other players/NPCs.
What do I do with bat orbs? Bat Orbs are placed in the gravestone north of brightleaf where you then battle the War Bat Boss.
How do I get pets? Pets can be dropped from some monsters.
Can someone give me a pet? No, pets and pet items are not droppable/tradable.
What do I do with Spider Silk/Spider Carcasses/Ice Crystals? Those are materials for a later use in the game.