Baby dragon

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Baby Dragon
Baby Dragon m.gif
Melee XP5750
Gold800 gold
Attack speed1.8 second(s)
Respawn time15 second(s)
FoundIn Umbra's Lair

Baby Dragons are scattered throughout Umbra's Lair. They don't attack like normal monsters do, they shoot fire balls resulting in Ranged damage and can cause a Burn Effect.

  • Baby Dragon burn damage is only 100 Burn damage per Second for 10 seconds.

The Baby Dragon is a Hostile Monster



Item Quantity Rarity
Health Flask m.png Health Flask2-10Common
Flask of Life m.png Flask of Life1-7Common
Scroll of Accuracy m.png Scroll of Accuracy3-8Uncommon
Scroll of Power m.png Scroll of Power3-8Uncommon
Scroll of Protection m.png Scroll of Protection3-8Uncommon
Scroll of Magic m.png Scroll of Magic2-3Uncommon


Item Quantity Rarity
Mythan Spade m.png Mythan Spade1Uncommon
Ring of Might m.png Ring of Might1Rare
Mythan Helm m.png Mythan Helm1Rare
Varaxite Platelegs m.png Varaxite Platelegs1Rare

Boss Items

Item Quantity Rarity
Dragon Scale m.png Dragon Scale1-8Uncommon
Dragon Claw m.png Dragon Claw1Very rare
Dragon Horn m.png Dragon Horn1Very rare

Tertiary Drop

This can be obtained as an extra item roll rarely from all monsters. They will only drop if the monster is near your level (bosses not included)

Item Quantity Rarity
Candy m.png Candy1Rare
Lollipop m.png Lollipop1Rare