War bat

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War Bat
War Bat m.gif
Gold800 gold
Attack speed1.5 second(s)
Respawn time30 second(s)
FoundInside the War Bat Dungeon, entered with a Bat Orb m.png Bat Orb.

The War Bat is a large bat found in a dark cave, which can be entered through the tombstone found north of Brightleaf. To enter the dungeon, you need a Bat Orb m.png Bat Orb which can be obtained from either Bats or Forest bats.

Getting there

To make your way to the boss room, you will first need to obtain a Bat Orb m.png Bat Orb. If you want to gain experience, Forest bats are a good resource to get a Bat Orb m.png Bat Orb. However, if your only goal is to get a Bat Orb m.png Bat Orb as fast as possible, kill the regular Bats as the speed at which you kill them is much higher. It should, on average, take no longer than 5 minutes to obtain an orb.


The War Bat drops 4 items upon death.


Item Quantity Rarity
Potion m.png Potion5-10Common
Health Flask m.png Health Flask3-5Common
Flask of Life m.png Flask of Life1-2Uncommon


Item Quantity Rarity
Crimsteel Helm m.png Crimsteel Helm1Uncommon
Crimsteel Platebody m.png Crimsteel Platebody1Uncommon
Crimsteel Platelegs m.png Crimsteel Platelegs1Uncommon
Crimsteel Sword m.png Crimsteel Sword1Uncommon
Bat Ring m.png Bat Ring1Rare
Bat Amulet m.png Bat Amulet1Rare