Shadow Buckler

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Shadow Buckler
Shadow Buckler m.png
"A round, shadowy shield. It could probably be reforged further. Melee lv.55."
ObtainedCrafted in the Shadow Forge by combining: 3 Buckler Shards and 1 Steel Bar
merchant price18,000

The Shadow Buckler is a shield that can be upgraded using the Shadow Forge. It can be reforged into the Dormant Shield by combining it with 1 Orb of Light at the Shadow Forge as well.

Crafted with

Shadow Bucklers are a required material to create the following items:

Smithing Level Crafting Level Equipment Bars required Smithing XP Crafting XP Sells for
80 65 Dormant Shield m.png Dormant Shield 1x Shadow Buckler m.png Shadow Bucklers 1x Orb of Light m.png Orb of Light 40000 10000 135000

Additional Notes

  • The Dormant Shield can not be traded.

(Base) Shadow Buckler | (First Reforge) Dormant Shield --->