Orb of Light

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Orb of Light
Orb of Light m.png
"A bright orb harnessing the combined embers of three spirits."
ObtainedCombining 3 embers using the Shadow Forge

An Orb of Light is a craftable smithing material that is made from 3 different embers combining into one bright orb. It can be used to reforge the Shadow Buckler into the Dormant Shield.

Crafted by

Smithing Level Crafting Level Materials XP Sells For
50 35 1xPhantom Ember m.png Phantom Ember 1xSpectral Ember m.png Spectral Ember 1xShadow Ember m.png Shadow Ember 3,500 ???

Used In

Level Item Items Required XP Merchant Price
80 Dormant Shield m.png Dormant Shield 1xShadow Buckler m.png Shadow Buckler 1xOrb of Light m.png Orb of Light 40000 135000

Additional Notes

  • The Orb of Light can not be traded.