Torment of Glacii

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Torment of Glacii
Torment of Glacii m.png
"A ring that may sap some health from a target and refund it to it's wielder."
ObtainedBy merging three different pieces.
merchant price330,000

The Torment of Glacii is one of the few rings in the game and can be obtained by bringing together three different fragments:

Icy right half

Icy left half

Frozen skull

The three pieces of the forgotten relic can only be dropped on Ice raptors in the lands of Wintermist.

Once you did gather all the parts you will have to make your way through The Frozen Tunnels in order to make the ring.

Pay attention to the fact that it becomes untradable to other players once you do, but you can still trade the different pieces apart from each others.

Note: The Torment of Glacii does not have any skill requirements to assemble.


The Torment of Glacii once crafted grants it's wielder a powerful and unique effect. When hitting a monster you have a 10% chance to activate this effect. The effect makes 25% of the damage you dealt to a monster on that hit in to hit points that you heal (EX. You damage a monster for 600 damage. The effect activates on that hit. You heal 150 hit points.)

Related monster(s)

Ice raptors

Additional Notes

  • The Torment of Glacii can't be dropped nor dismantle within High Risk PvP
  • The Tormet of Glacii can not be traded