Pink salt

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Pink salt
Pink salt m.png
ObtainedMining a Pink salt Rock

A pink colored salt used in cooking.

Each Pink salt gives 500xp and requires level 45 Mining to be mined.


Pink salt rocks can be found within High Risk PvP combat area.


Cooking Requirement Food Items Required XP for Cooking Merchant Price Pet Damage Increase (%) Duration (seconds) Pet Level
60 Cooked Bass m.png Cooked Bass 1xBass m.png Bass 1xPink salt m.png Pink salt 1,350 900 50 240 60
70 Cooked Tuna m.png Cooked Tuna 1xTuna m.png Tuna 1xPink salt m.png Pink salt 2,000 1,200 60 180 70
75 Cooked Lobster m.png Cooked Lobster 1xLobster m.png Lobster 1xPink salt m.png Pink salt 3,500 1,500 60 240 75
80 Cooked Sea Turtle m.png Cooked Sea Turtle 1xSea Turtle m.png Sea Turtle 1xPink salt m.png Pink salt 6,500 1,800 80 240 80
85 Cooked Manta Ray m.png Cooked Manta Ray 1xManta Ray m.png Manta Ray 1xPink salt m.png Pink salt 9,500 2,100 100 240 85