Mushroom Island

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Mushroom Island is a low-leveled island full of (pretty cute) mushrooms. The island can be accessed by using the Teleporter found near the Slime spawn in Brightleaf or by walking far south of Brightleaf below the docks and Forest Fiends.

Map of Mushroom Island

You can also enter Skilling Island by going to the boat at the bottom of this island and having at least 1 Skilling Pass m.png Skilling Pass in your inventory (1 Skilling Pass m.png Skilling Pass = 60 Second(s) to stay on the island). After you run out of passes you will be teleported back to Mushroom Island.


The following monsters can be found there:

Ore Veins

The following Ore Veins can be found there:


The following Trees can be found there:

Fishing Spots

The following Fishing Spots can be found there: