HR PvP Resource Update

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28 January 2021

Work in Progress


New Resources that were added into the HR-PVP area.

New Gauntlets

To further expand the possible set of gloves, we've added a bunch of new gloves to the game ranging all the way from Bronze gauntlets to Varaxite gauntlets. But it doesn't stop there, as you can also obtain Deadrock Gauntlets, Umbral Gauntlets and Glacial Gauntlets!

HR-PvP Resources

To deliver more incentive to the High-Risk PvP zone, we've added a number of higher-tiered resources to the deeper part of the HR zone. Stay safe!

X-mas Removal

Unfortunately, it's time for Based Santa to go home and with him has gone the spirit of Christmas. 'til next year, everyone!

- The Curse of Aros Team