Elemental Shield

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Elemental Shield
Elemental Shield m.png
"A fusion of elemental alloys, with an odd prismatic socket... Melee lv. 100. Goes dormant after 50,000 hits."
ObtainedCrafted in the Shadow Forge by combining: 1 Dormant Shield and 1 Orb of Balance.
merchant price300,000

Elemental Shield is crafted with Dormant Shield m.png Dormant Shield and Orb of Balance m.png Orb of Balance.

Elemental Shield breaks after 50,000 hits.

Crafted by

Smithing Level Crafting Level Equipment Materials Smithing XP Crafting XP Merchant Price
80 65 Elemental Shield m.png Elemental Shield 1xDormant Shield m.png Dormant Shield, 1xOrb of Balance m.png Orb of Balance 70,000 35,000 300,000

Additional Notes

  • The Elemental Shield can not be traded.