Cooked Anchovies

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Cooked Anchovies
Cooked Anchovies m.png
"A dish of cooked anchovies. Gives a pet +5% damage for 180s. Pet lv. 1."
ObtainedCooked using Anchovies and Salt.
merchant price4

Cooked Anchovies can be cooked at level 1 cooking using Anchovies and Salt. Cooked anchovies gives a pet damage boost of 5% for 180 seconds.

Upon being cooked, it gives 10 exp in the Cooking skill. Pet level 1 required to use.


Skill level Item Materials XP Merchant Price
1 Cooking Cooked Anchovies m.png Cooked Anchovies 1xAnchovies m.png Anchovies 1xSalt m.png Salt 10 4