High Risk PvP

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The Portal

High Risk PvP Portal
High Risk Pvp m.png
"Takes you to a more dangerous world!"

The portal that transports you to the High Risk PvP Area is located around spawn in Brightleaf. PvP has been removed from this area for renovations in the future.

Entering The Battlefield


The portal will warn you first before entering the Portal to prevent loss.

To prevent players from losing items and gold a warning menu will show up. This warning menu will indicate the 3 items that will be protected and also the items and amount of gold that you will lose once you have been killed by a player inside the battlefield.

The chance of accidentally losing items will be lessen with the warning menu.

Before Entering After Entering
Middle Middle

Once you entered the battlefield a message Your cosmetics are hidden to ensure fair PvP matches will be shown in chat box, which means anyone will be able to see the gear equipped on a player.

Gold and Item Loss

You can only protect 3 items inside High Risk PvP area

Your protected items will be determined depending on the item's merchant price, so the items with the top 3 highest merchant prices will be protected.


  • If you loot a more expensive item from another player than your current most expensive items, your protected items will change to include that item and exclude the least valuable of the 3 previously protected items.
  • If you loot gold from killing a player, it can be stolen by another player once you've been killed inside the HR PvP with the loot.


  • Pine Trees does exist inside the High Risk PvP area.