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File:Thread m.png
"A reel of thread, useful for crafting and sewing."
ObtainedPurchasing from Merchant

An item used to craft reels


You can smith reels using Anvil.

Smithing Level Material Materials Required XP for forging Sells for
6 16px Bronze Reel 3xBronze Bar m.png Bronze Bar 3x16px Threads 15 72
16 16px Iron Reel 3xIron Bar m.png Iron Bar 3x16px Threads 42 315
26 16px Steel Reel 4xSteel Bar m.png Steel Bar 3x16px Threads 80 780
36 16px Crimsteel Reel 4xCrimsteel Bar m.png Crimsteel Bar 3x16px Threads 520 2040
56 16px Mythan Reel 6xMythan Bar m.png Mythan Bar 3x16px Threads 30,000 36,000
66 16px Cobalt Reel 10xCobalt Bar m.png Cobalt Bar 3x16px Threads 150,000 75,000
76 16px Varaxite Reel 7xVaraxite Bar m.png Varaxite Bar 3x16px Threads 140,000 69,000