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Welcome to the Curse of Aros Wiki!

Highscores are found at Highscore Page!

29 October 2019

Halloween Event! Happy Halloweek!

Happy Halloweek!

This is a week-long event lasting until next Tuesday. Collect Darkness from the Soulless and, when enough is collected, Double XP is activated for an hour!

Enjoy! ~ The Curse of Aros team

27 October 2019

Over the past months, we have gathered your feedback regarding our cosmetic prices. While some are happy with how things are right now, the majority has spoken and said that our pricing is too high. So, we've taken your feedback into account and are updating to make some changes.

Cosmetic Price Reduction We're lowering the prices of nearly all cosmetics, some by 20% and some by as much as 90%. You will now find that getting a full set can be as low as 250 shards, where some of the most amazing sets (think Bloodlust) are still expensive to have some sort of hierarchy in the outfit wardrobe.

Shard Refunds Now, this would be unfair to people who purchased shards! Correct. That's why everyone who purchased any of the cosmetics has been given the price change back to their account. So, if you spent 200 on a part that is now 50, you'll automatically be given 150 shards back to your character. You can spend those on your next piece!

This is a server-only update and will only take a handful of minutes. We will be online again shortly!

~ The Curse of Aros team.

20 October 2019

We're deploying a patch to address some issues in the server and improve some aspects:

- The path to the furnace is shorter and less obstructed;
- Meteorites now have a bright purple message;
- Sorting the inventory with a hammer works again;
- The PvP square has been fixed;
- The Taskboard can no longer be used remotely;
- XP rates for smithing have been reduced as they're too high;

We're still looking into the black-screen issue. We will have a fix for this soon. Promise.

Thank you for helping us improve Curse of Aros. This is a server-only update and you do not need to download any update. Thank you!

~ The Curse of Aros team.

19 October 2019

Curse of Aros Smithing and Holloween Costume Update!

Update 1.15.2 is here!

Smithing is here!

Take your bars from your inventory because it's time to smith for days!

4 New Armour Tiers We have introduced 4 new armour sets:

- Bronze (some items had been renamed from wooden)
- Iron (some items had been renamed from leather)
- Gold (extremely valuable vanity items!)
- Cobalt (level 60 equipment)

You can make all of the above by smelting bars, and then smithing them by first purchasing a hammer and then heading to the anvil.

Boxing To make trading easier, you can box up your ores and bars using the new Boxing Workstations at the spawn point. These withdraw items from your bank, and box them up into stackable, tradable items.

Meteorites Meteorites will now randomly come crashing into the world, and can be mined for ores and valuable gems! Are you lucky enough to get the brand-new Arosite gem?

5 New Cosmetics We've also added some brand new cosmetics, in celebration of Halloween:

- The Bloodlord Set;
- The Alien Set;
- The Scarecrow Set;
- The Creep Set;
- The Pumpkin Set;

Various Changes We've also made other minor changes to the game that you may enjoy:

- A taskboard has been added in the Snow land (Wintermist);
- Mythan and Cobalt can now be mined in the Abandoned Mines;
- The Ring of Treasure has been added, which grants 10% bonus gold per kill;
- A bug with accounts getting stuck has (most likely) been fixed.

We're super excited to launch this update. Quickly grab that update below and get smithing! See you in-game!

~ The Curse of Aros team.