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Welcome to the Curse of Aros Wiki!

All of the information in Curse of aros is located here! To start searching, use the search bar or one of the links below.

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Recent Updates

This list contains the 3 most recent content updates!

6 June 2021

Map of the new area, The Shadow Dungeon!

Jump in the whirlpool, and brace yourself for an adventure, everyone

The Shadow Dungeon Deep beneath Brightleaf lies a dungeon, vast, and dangerous. Legend has it a once-powerful alliance of Nature, Fire, and Water formed together to protect the Cursed Ruler. Through the ages, layers of sand and ash have covered these nations, sealed away from the world.

Discover the first part of the Elemental series: The Shadow Dungeon. It may provide you with protection.

And don't forget to pay a visit to the Prison, for the Flames have been alone for a while now...

On the Horizon: MAGIC Ahead of time, we're making one of the largest fundamental changes to Curse of Aros: the way Skill Points work, and the way your level works. Where you once had "a level", you now have "combat skills" and "a combat level". Remember "your level"? Yeah, that's now your "melee level". And the thing above your head? That's your combat level, the sum of Melee, Magic and Ranged.

This change is in preparation for Magic, Curse of Aros' largest update. Not much changes today, aside from a few extra stat points to spend!

The Wishing Well Toss a shard to your, uh, well.. and bless the entire World with your own hand-crafted event! Sprinkle some love around your homeworld and celebrate Bonus XP with everyone together.

Quality of (Virtual) Life We've made the following complemental changes:

- Fixed a world lag issue so that W1 remains playable;
- Skill names now show in "max reached"-messages;
- Wat Bat is no more;
- Beetle descriptions have been fixed;
- Ring of Sweetness stats have been removed;
- Giant Squid cooking text has been fixed;
- Ancient Platebody now has the correct name;
- Bank space has been increased to 210 slots;
- Anglerfish now gives 625 cooking XP;
- Ancient gauntlet stats have been buffed;
- @Marcos can play Mining Simulator again. (Reference to a player named Marcos on the discord)

As always, we're grateful for your support. Thank you!

The Curse of Aros team

4 June 2021

Brand New Minimap Feature with icons showing points of interest!

Unsure where to go next, everyone? One of the most requested features was the World Map, and here it is in full glory!

A World Map! Though an initial version, it allows you to discover the entire world, see where you are, and all the available interesting points. We will soon be expanding the map with requested additions, such as monster zones and task board guidance.

Unlocked Movement A deeply desired QoL was a movable thumbstick to make it easier on the hands. By default, it can now be used in about 33% of your screen when dragged, similar to a variety of other games. Don't like it? You can turn it off in settings!

Denoised Chat We've made the chat panel much less noisy - the background is gone, and only a few messages gracefully show up in the bottom. The expanded version is still there - just press "Tap to chat" . More chat tweaks are coming up, such as filters, too!

Redesigned Loading Screen Even though it's visible for about 0.12 seconds, we've added Umbra to the loading screen to spice it up.

Sign In With Apple on PC For our #patreon members, we have made the #desktop-game-download support Apple ID as a sign-in method too.

Notch Avoidance The text in the chat window now has a slight padding to avoid notches in a variety of phones.

Crispy New Icon We've also chucked Umbra right at your launcher, and as our icon in the Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

Magic Preparation In preparation for the Magic update, we've added a lot of (invisible) features that prepare you for Magic. You won't notice them, but they're there.

Regression: Snowballs With our Magic tweaks, Snowballs temporarily do not work. This is intended, and will be fixed with the launch of Magic (or even sooner).

We hope these features are much welcome. Enjoy them while we're readying up more...

NOTE: This is an app-only update!

The Curse of Aros team

2 April 2021

The nightmare Bunny has struck again and wants all your chocolate... At least he's gifting you this time.

Remember last year’s Feaster Bunny, everyone? Sure you do, as do we. Though, not much is left of what once was the Feaster Bunny, as his eating habits got out of hand and we’re now stuck with an Easter Nightmare!

This time, we’ve done a different event where you can fight your normal routine, killing monsters but collect Chocolate Coins during your grind! You don’t have to sacrifice sacred Grind Hours to participate, but it goes hand in hand!

To get started, simply fight monsters that are either above or close to your level to gather Chocolate Coins. Feed them to the Easter Nightmare to earn Easter XP. At every 10 levels, you unlock a new Prize which gets you a unique reward!


- The Curse of Aros Team