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Recent Updates

This list contains the most recent content updates!

7 November 2020

This update brings a whole new area to the land of aros as well as cool new items!!!

Everyone!! We've worked for longer than we would like to admit: this is the accumulation of 12 months worth of small improvements on a never-ending project. Now, it's here, and we've done everything in our power to make this the most exciting update ever. And we think it is. Here's why...


The main area of this update is Shadowdune: the large landmass you've all had slight sight of. Venture into it, but not unprepared: various monsters await your arrival. Scorpions, Desert Raptors, Sandstone Golems, Brown and Purple Snakes, Scarabs from Sapphire to Arosite, Cactus Soldiers... brace yourself.

  • The Tomb of Shadowdune

The Tomb, located just north of the village, is only for the strong and brave: vicious snakes are ready to destroy you as you pass. Dare to enter? Be ready to face Anubis and the Anubis Elite, two new monsters with unique drops.

  • The Mummy of Shadowdune's Tomb

The once-strong King of Shadowdune is now found as a sleeping Mummy. If you bring the right key, you might awaken his Spirit and face the strongest boss of Curse of Aros to date. This boss will give you Gold Keys, which you can use in the Tomb Treasure rooms. And uhm... bring Cursed Relics. Just to be sure.

  • The Mummy's Spirit

Once in a few battles, the spirit of the Mummy will be reanimated and make its way to the mainland. A great experience, because this free-for-all boss will drop Experience Potions! Arm yourself with a few of those for your upcoming battles.

  • Treasure Rooms

The Tomb has, as many toms do, treasure chambers. Should you find them, make sure you bring some keys with you to try on the locks. You may just get lucky and open the Gold Chest, full of ancient materials...

  • Ancient Armour

The strongest set to date: Ancient Equipment (95). Finishing off with an Ancient Scimitar, this set is made from the purest gold and finest materials mixed with the essence of Mummies. Do you have what it takes to achieve the most powerful and shiny armour in the game?

  • Scarabs

There's a new species discovered: gem-backed scarabs! These scarabs have gems to cut off. Need a few shinies? There you go.

  • Magnetite Scarabs

These Scarabs also have a slightly stonger variant: the Magnetite Scarab. These can drop Magnetite, which is used to craft a Magnetic Charge.

  • Desert Raptors

Desert Raptors can now be fought, and are assignable as tasks.

  • Sandstone Golems

Sandstone Golems are large, powerful and all-destructing golems. If you're lucky, you could get the Ancient handle. This handle lets you craft the Ancient Pickaxe and Ancient Axe.

  • Raptor Hide & Gloves

All raptors, from the regular green to the new Desert ones, drop Raptor Hides. These can be woven into Raptor Gloves: handy protection for your knuckles.

  • Necklaces & Silver

Finally, a use for all this silver in your bank! Smelt it into bars and turn it into powerful necklaces, such as the Battle Necklace, or the Ruby Necklace. There's a total of 5 new Necklaces to be made.

  • Teleporter

To find your way around the map a little faster, you can use Magnetic charges to teleport yourself from A to B. They stack in your inventory and will help you to get around a little easier.

  • Infernal Eruption

Once in a blue moon, the core of the world heats up sufficiently to erupt in violence and create cracks in the surface. Be quick, mine them and perhaps you can find a Smouldering Stone!

  • Smouldering Stone & Infernal Hammer

The Smouldering stones can be made into an Infernal Hammer, saving you an inventory slot and providing 4% bonus Smithing XP with 2,000 charges. A must-have. Black Salt Mining If you're sufficiently high in mining, you can try to mine the new Black Salt rocks - great for seasoning bigger fish!

  • Big Fish Cooking

You can now cook Sharks and higher at the big cooking table in Shadowdune. For this, you need the Black salt.

  • Sandworms Fishing

In Shadowdune, Sandworms often make appearance through the sand and can be used to catch Anglerfish.

  • Ancient Pickaxe & Axe

With the Ancient handle from Sandstone Golems, and some of the rare materials from the Mummy, you can make the Ancient (Pick)axe - excellent level 95 tools that will help you cut and chop even more efficiently!

  • Golemite Gauntlets

You can now smith Golemite Gauntlets, powerful new handwear, from the normal Golemite ingredients.

  • Deadrock Shield

A nice inbetween-level shield can be obtained from the Rock Demon: the Deadrock Shield. At level 70, it's a great addition to the strength stat of your build.

  • The Ancient Tree

With the nutrient-rich soil, every now and then an ancient seed unfolds into a mighty tree. This tree can be cut for various logs, similar to the Meteorite, but can also give you a brand new unique gem: the Snake Eye.

  • Snake Charm

If you get the Snake Eye, you can make a nice ring out of it that protects you from vile snakes. Be safe!

  • Sandstone Mining

If your mining level is 45 or higher, you can now mine Sandstone around the hot desert.

  • Sandstone Shield

Sandstone can be crafted into Sandstone shields - a medium level shield to protect against damage.

  • Spinus

In the warmest center of Shadowdune rests Spinus, a demiboss that's strong but weak at the same time. Besides the cactus chunks, you can also get the Cactus Ring!

  • Ancient Rod

If you've been lucky enough to get the Ancient Reel from the Mummy, you can now assemble this into a new fishing rod that will reel in the real fishes. Palm Trees Have high woodcutting? Great! Cut away at some palm trees. Surely someone will have a use for those logs.

  • Cursed Relics

These relics provide 50% damage mitigation against Cursed attacks. Handy... or required?

  • Spade Digging

Many monsters now carry various spades, from feeble Iron spades all the way to Ancient Spades. However, the latter may be only from a particular monster or boss... These spades let you dig the beetle mounds all around Shadowdune - wonder what's inside? Go check it out!

Thank you,

The Curse of Aros team <3

11 October 2020

This update brings cool new items and cosmetics!

Happy Halloween everyone! For the next 20 days, the world of Curse of Aros is filled with Halloween - spooky tunes, scary world events and above all... fun and loot!

All around the world, pumpkins have randomly begun growing! But that's not all, some new creatures have made their way into the world...

Pumpkin Soldiers

Around the map, Pumpkin Soldiers and Elites are found which drop bags of delicious candy -AND ITEMS ARE INSIDE!

The PumpKing

The king of them all, the Pumpking, has made his way here as well. And he's much, much stronger... But everything for those bags of candy!

Bags of Candy

From these creatures, you get bags of candy. There are three types: The Bag of Tricks, the Bag of Sweets and the Magic Bag of Treats which is the rarest, but also the most rewarding! Inside these bags you can find Pumplet, and the Pumpkin Equipment. Will you be the lucky sweet-tooth who gets it all?

We hope you enjoy this event while we're preparing the release of something greater. Have fun!

~ Your Curse of Aros team.