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Recent Updates

This list contains the 3 most recent content updates!

11 October 2020

This update brings cool new items and cosmetics!

Happy Halloween everyone! For the next 20 days, the world of Curse of Aros is filled with Halloween - spooky tunes, scary world events and above all... fun and loot!

All around the world, pumpkins have randomly begun growing! But that's not all, some new creatures have made their way into the world...

Pumpkin Soldiers

Around the map, Pumpkin Soldiers and Elites are found which drop bags of delicious candy -AND ITEMS ARE INSIDE!


The king of them all, the Pumpking, has made his way here as well. And he's much, much stronger... But everything for those bags of candy!

Bags of Candy

From these creatures, you get bags of candy. There are three types, of which the Magic Bag of Treats is the rarest, but also the most rewarding! Inside these bags you can find Pumplet, and the Pumpkin Equipment. Will you be the lucky sweet-tooth who gets it all?

We hope you enjoy this event while we're preparing the release of something greater. Have fun!

~ Your Curse of Aros team.

14 July 2020

We're super excited to release two brand-new skills to the public! Both Fishing and Cooking are now available! With that also comes shields, which you can smith.


All around the world, bait can be collected. Whether it's as drops from fishing spiders, forest spiders, mushrooms, or forest bats, or the worms you can collect around the game world, these little creatures are perfect for reeling in fish!

You will find fishing spots around the map, but the most populated hub is the fishing docks, straight down from the Forest Bats, past the Forest Fiends. There, you will enjoy a tranquil lake full of fish to catch. All the way from anchovies to entire orcas, a new grind awaits!


These fish can be cooked to perfection too. If you have a pinch of salt for seasoning, you can turn these fish into delicious meals for your pets. You can cook at the cookfire south of the smithing hub.

Salt Rocks

Two new rocks are now available for mining: salt and pink salt. Salt can be found at the Forest Bats, and Pink Salt can be found in the High-Risk PvP zone.

Pet Food

The delicious food you cook can be fed to your pets to increase their power. Bring a bunch of good food and your follower will return the favor.


You can finally equip shields! These can be forged from metal at the normal smithing hub, and can be worn to increase one's defense stat.

Have fun playing this update while we're working on the things lined up, such as the Desert. Stay tuned for more! Check this out to find out more details about Fishing and Cooking

~ Your Curse of Aros team.

7 June 2020

This update brings the competition!

Prepare your weapons - High-Risk High-Reward DANGEROUS PvP IS HERE!

While we were working on the Desert expansion, we asked you if you wanted us to release the PvP update in the meantime. You said yes, so here's something exciting while we are hard at work finishing up the Desert expansion (of which phase 1 is nearing completion!)

Dangerous PvP Before we get started, YOU WILL LOSE ITEMS. Seriously. Read that again. This is high-risk. Dangerous PvP. If you die, you lose items and gold. Read it once more to be sure. Got it? Good!

In the Dangerous PvP portal, you'll find the ability to fight other people for their items and gold. Before entering the portal, you are shown what items you will keep and what you will lose at the time of entering. If you pick new items up, it may not be up to date anymore. We recommend rechecking through the portal every now and then!

Dangerous PvP has 1v1 combat, meaning that you can only fight one person at a time. Level restrictions apply here, but if there is a request for it, we will expand the zone with a free-for-all area where larger level differences can fight.

Despite the high risk, you can earn a lot there too! If you kill someone, you get the items they lose. This could be your chance to truly become wealthy through PvP!

Bank Amount Button The bank interface has received a button that lets you change the deposit and withdraw quantity. You need to have the latest game version for this, and iOS users may have to wait until the acceptance before it becomes available.

Yesterday's Outage We're going to work on solving yesterday's issue after this update.

The Desert: Just Around The Corner We know everyone is anticipating the release of the Desert. We are too! There are a lot of changes, big and small, that accompany that update and we're trying to do it in two releases to reduce the wait time. Stay tuned for more information!

Here is where you can find out all about the High Risk PvP area!

~ The Curse of Aros team.