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Recent Updates

This list contains the 3 most recent content updates!

1 Febuary 2022

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: THE LATEST CLIENT VERSION IS REQUIRED. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOGIN WITHOUT VERSION 1.27.0 Wishing well 50% xp boosts will NOT work for Magic + Tailoring on initial release (it will still work for other skills). Magic and tailoring are capped at level 60, we did this in case there are any unexpected XP exploits. They will be raised throughout the week.

Magic: As everyone already knew, Magic falls on February 1st, 2022. So without further adue, Magic is finally here! One of the longest waited and hyped Curse of Aros updates have arrived. Magic brings a whole new dimension to combat in Curse of Aros. Use cover and distance to your advantage with the new Mage class. Initially, there are 4 classes of tomes. Fire, Nature, Curse, Ice. Tomes are your ammunition. Every single time you cast a spell, it consumes a tome (more specifics on this later). A mage's strength is keeping their distance and doing a lot of damage from afar. Getting too close is dangerous as you don't have as much defense as warriors. Start using magic by visiting the merchant in Brightleaf and buying yourself a Wand and some Ember tomes. To attack mobs, click on the mob you want to attack and an outline will appear around them. Once the outline is visible, you can hit the attack button to cast a spell. Group mobs together for some awesome AoE combinations and big crits. The enchanted staffs (level 30), are enchanted with Fire, Nature, Curse, and Ice powers. Use the same class tome and staff for a passive buff of +10% accuracy and damage, and 25% chance of not consuming a tome when casting a spell. This is just the start, magic will bring so much change to Curse of Aros and we can't wait to share it with you. - Nature Dungeon: The latest of our elemental dungeon series has arrived. The Nature Dungeon. This dungeon starts off as a relatively low training area which is Magic Only. Grind mobs until you have enough kills to unlock the path to the puzzle room. Once you enter the puzzle room, you're on your own. You will not see any other players while you're inside of the puzzle room. Solve the puzzle to enter the boss chambers. The boss is a medium level Nature Elder. Don't let his level fool you, he is a VERY tough boss to beat without a good team. Make sure to bring anti poisons, magic scrolls and lots of heals. You can find the entrance north of Brightleaf where the Xmas and Hween event were.

Tailoring: Tailoring is our newest non-combat skill in CoA. Use the tailoring skill to make tomes and staves for magic. Tailoring will eventually be one of the biggest skills in CoA, with future uses for Archery, Sailing, Home Building, Guild Halls and more.

HR-PvP: After long discussion we've made the choice to vault Hr-PvP (safe pvp and battlegrounds still available). HR-PvP as it stands in not in an healthy enough state to keep it in the game. It currently remains quite unpopular and is the cause of a lot of problems within the community. We'll work on HR-PvP behind the scenes and re-release it once we think its in a healthier state for everyone to enjoy. Skilling Island: The skilling island is a new piece of content for skillers who really enjoy the grind. To access the Skilling Island you'll need passes; Skilling Island Passes to be specific. Each pass grants you 60 seconds of access on the island, once your time is up, you'll be kicked off. Initially, skilling passes are obtained through world boosts. Each boost tier will provide you with Skilling Island Passes. Feel free to use them yourself or sell them to other players. The breakdown of how many passes per tier is as follows.

20 min boost - 1 hr of skilling passes 1 hr boost - 1 hr of skilling passes 2 hr boost - 2 hr of skilling passes 4 hr boost - 3 hr of skilling passes 6 hr boost - 4 hr of skilling passes

Other new features:

   - xp bar for any skill
   - added magic trees - level 90wc with a chance to drop Magic Essence
   - you can now remove items from action bar by clicking an empty inventory slot in the selection menu
   - teleporters are now unlocked for a one time fee and stay unlocked forever
   - moved desert teleporter closer to town
   - brand new shard, crafting, shop interfaces
   - bank scrolling doesnt reset when closing the interface
   - new client HUD
   - added split mode for action bar in settings
   - added attack button layout settings 
   - increased the size of Brightleaf (still under construction, expect big map changes coming)
   - add "Dismantle" option to existing gear/weapons that would break in pvp
   - added key binds 1-8 for action bar on pc
   - added key binds "m" for map, "t" for chat 
   - the potion bar has been officially removed and replaced with the new quick bar. Tap and hold a quick bar slot to add potions to your quick bar.

Drop changes:

   - Ice demon, Ice fiends, Ice raptors, Ice spider, now drops Ice relics
   - Mummy, Skeletal snake, Skeletal bat, drop Cursed relics
   - Skeletal snake, Skeletal bat also drop Relic of Fire
   - Nature mobs drops Relic of nature

Bug fixes:

   - fixed double smelting bug
   - fixed issue with keyboard opening if u press below the joystick
   - added error messages when payments fail 
   - fixed issue with restore purchases on iOS
   - close keyboard when closing the social panel