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<h1>Welcome to the Curse of Aros Wiki!</h1>
<h1>Welcome to the Curse of Aros Wiki!</h1>
<p>''All of the information in Curse of aros is located here! To start searching, use the search bar or one of the links below.''</p>
<p>''All of the information in Curse of Aros is located here! To start searching, use the search bar or one of the links below.''</p>
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Welcome to the Curse of Aros Wiki!

All of the information in Curse of Aros is located here! To start searching, use the search bar or one of the links below.

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Highscores are found at Highscore Page!

Recent Updates

This list contains the 3 most recent content updates!

27 October 2021

Hop on, it's time to collect Pumpkeys to find brand new items! Take on the Pumpkin Zombie for some keys that you can exchange, or carry your team to the Shadow Pumpking for an even greater number of keys!

We've made this event grind-friendly, too, so you can get keys randomly by...

- killing monsters near your level;
- cutting trees near your Woodcutting level;
- mining ores near your Mining level;
- and fishing for fish near your Fishing level;

That means you can even keep on playing as usual without having to be distracted, while still getting the rewards!

We've also fixed a few bugs and added some features:

- low level monsters on task no longer get ignored;
- you can now type /age and /playtime for some stats;
- adding friends that are new no longer messes up the universe.

As always, we're grateful for you as our players. Happy Halloween!

The Curse of Aros team

9 August 2021

Today went a little less streamlined as we had hoped and we apologise, @everyone . Regardless, a lot of new features have made its way into the game - let's go over them!

Friends For those who enjoy company, we've finally made the friends system happen. While a little rough around the edges, we believe gathering feedback early will let us improve the social aspect of the game further over time. You'll be able to message your friends across all worlds to stay in touch. We're expanding this more soon!

On-screen Timers Annoyed with keeping a paper notepad nearby to keep track of your scrolls? No more -- the timers for things like scrolls and debuffs are now visible on-screen and should provide a nice visual aid that's less distracting than focusing on chat messages.

Chat Filtering Want to disable system messages? You can. Want to disable world chat? You can. Simply tick the box in the top of the panel to include or exclude it from the preview panel.

The Money Pouch You no longer lose money in HR PvP. Yes, that's an odd way to start this paragraph but it's the keyphrase. We made the money pouch as a key component for shaping Curse of Aros further. Carrying money left and right just wasn't fitting, and pretty annoying.

The Mighty Action Bar The little 3-slot bar is going to leave us soon. In exchange, we're giving you a polished, customisable action bar. Simply select the items you wish to see and enjoy the freedom of picking your own layout!

Bank Formatting! If we had a dollar for every time this feature was requested, we could have hired Snowden to develop it. However, we've just done it ourselves and finally bring you a draggable bank interface! Cleanest bank award goes to..?

The Future You won't be surprised to learn that the Action Bar is more than just there to replace the old one. It's tailored for Magic, which is our next large feature. As we're closing in (and with our Patreon members having had multiple test rounds), you'll soon find out why it's there!

Bug Fixes - Player HP bars now show the proper HP value; - Player directions are now 100% accurate; - You won't get trade requests from muted players; - Fixed pet lvl 5/no pet name issue; - Fixed issues with word wrapping in chat; - Add player name/combat level to player popup (if available); - Fixed XP limit bug which allowed you to gain more than max XP; - Fixed issue with high level characters showing up as "104"; - Add color codes to high amount of items K (thousand - coral), M (million - green), B (billion - blue); - Fix a lot of text overflow bugs; - Removed "Sort" buttons; - Updated infernal ring description; - HP bars should no longer disappear for monsters; - Fixed chat issues in emulators.

As always, we're thankful you're here with us. We're working hard on new things - stay tuned for actual meaty content updates!

- Your Curse of Aros team.

6 June 2021

Map of the new area, The Shadow Dungeon!

Jump in the whirlpool, and brace yourself for an adventure, everyone

The Shadow Dungeon Deep beneath Brightleaf lies a dungeon, vast, and dangerous. Legend has it a once-powerful alliance of Nature, Fire, and Water formed together to protect the Cursed Ruler. Through the ages, layers of sand and ash have covered these nations, sealed away from the world.

Discover the first part of the Elemental series: The Shadow Dungeon. It may provide you with protection.

And don't forget to pay a visit to the Prison, for the Flames have been alone for a while now...

On the Horizon: MAGIC Ahead of time, we're making one of the largest fundamental changes to Curse of Aros: the way Skill Points work, and the way your level works. Where you once had "a level", you now have "combat skills" and "a combat level". Remember "your level"? Yeah, that's now your "melee level". And the thing above your head? That's your combat level, the sum of Melee, Magic and Ranged.

This change is in preparation for Magic, Curse of Aros' largest update. Not much changes today, aside from a few extra stat points to spend!

The Wishing Well Toss a shard to your, uh, well.. and bless the entire World with your own hand-crafted event! Sprinkle some love around your homeworld and celebrate Bonus XP with everyone together.

Quality of (Virtual) Life We've made the following complemental changes:

- Fixed a world lag issue so that W1 remains playable;
- Skill names now show in "max reached"-messages;
- Wat Bat is no more;
- Beetle descriptions have been fixed;
- Ring of Sweetness stats have been removed;
- Giant Squid cooking text has been fixed;
- Ancient Platebody now has the correct name;
- Bank space has been increased to 210 slots;
- Anglerfish now gives 625 cooking XP;
- Ancient gauntlet stats have been buffed;
- @Marcos can play Mining Simulator again. (Reference to a player named Marcos on the discord)

As always, we're grateful for your support. Thank you!

The Curse of Aros team