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Welcome to the Curse of Aros Wiki!

  16 June 2019
  Update 1.5.0
- Two strong Fiends - Ice and Forest - have made their way into the world;
- Two brand-new powerful swords;
- The level cap has been increased to 85;
- Kill stealing has been disabled. Your monsters are yours.
- Scroll of Vitality: grants 25% extra potion effect for 10 minutes;
- You can now inspect items and their properties in your inventory;
- You can drop items you don't need or want to give away;
- Unavailable items won't show in your pickup button anymore;
- Your inventory can be sorted;
- Toast text sizing has been fixed;
- Icon of your sword now shows up in the attack button;
- Items no longer vanish if your inventory is full;
- HP regeneration when not in combat is now 10% of your max HP;
- You can now type /discord, /website, /patreon and /wiki for relevant websites;
- And lots of fixes and improvements!