Lone Wolf

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Lonewolf, The Ultimate Challenge has been added. Do you have what it takes?

Lone Wolf is the Ultimate Challenge Gamemode where you have to become the strongest player through your very own efforts. In this game mode, you cannot seek help from outside sources such as Players, World Boosts, Genie, or Shard Bought items from the Merchant. The Merchant has also decided to sell fewer items to you since you wanted to take on this challenge and will only give you the necessary items to begin your journey. The Journey may be tough but you must believe in yourself to succeed.

Lone Wolf Merchant Stock

Potion m.png Potion 100 gold each 35 gold each
Name Tag m.png Name Tag 250 shards each 100 gold each
Pet Name Tag m.png Pet Name Tag 120 shards each 48 gold each
Prison Key m.png Prison Key 7,500 gold each 3000 gold each
Hammer m.png Hammer 200 gold each 60 gold each
Bronze Pickaxe m.png Bronze Pickaxe 250 gold each 100 gold each
Bronze Axe m.png Bronze Axe 250 gold each 100 gold each
Bronze Rod m.png Bronze Rod 250 gold each 100 gold each
Thread m.png Thread 10 gold each 3 gold each
Golden Thread m.png Golden Thread 999,999 gold each 299,999 gold each
Crab m.png Crab 800 gold each 240 gold each
Ember Tome m.png Ember Tome 10 gold each 3 gold each
Leech Tome m.png Leech Tome 17 gold each 5 gold each
Haunt Tome m.png Haunt Tome 33 gold each 7 gold each
Icicle Tome m.png Icicle Tome 25 gold each 9 gold each

Main Points:

  • No Trading
  • No Party Forming
  • Must do 50% or more Damage to Monsters to get drops (Bosses Not Included)
  • Genie is disabled
  • Merchant only sells basic items