Giant Hornet

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Giant Hornet
File:Giant Hornet m.gif
Gold400 gold
Attack speed??? second(s)
Respawn time5 second(s)
FoundIn Southwest Brightleaf

Giant Hornets have a Vicious sting and will not stop till either you are they are dead.

Disclaimer: New monsters drop tables are WIP (Work in Progress). Drops might be slightly off.



Item Quantity Rarity
Health Flask m.png Health Flask1-7Common
Flask of Life m.png Flask of Life1-2Common
Scroll of Vitality m.png Scroll of Vitality1-3Uncommon
Scroll of Accuracy m.png Scroll of Accuracy1-3Uncommon
Scroll of Power m.png Scroll of Power1-3Uncommon
Scroll of Protection m.png Scroll of Protection1-3Uncommon
Scroll of Rejuvenation m.png Scroll of Rejuvenation1-3Uncommon
Scroll of Deflection m.png Scroll of Deflection1-3Uncommon


Item Quantity Rarity
16px Prospector's Necklace1Rare
16px Infernal Ring1Rare